Club Hub: Key Club

Key Club International is the largest high school student-run service organization in the world. Sponsored by Kiwanis International, Key Club provides service and leadership opportunities for its members. Key Club members aim to build their homes, schools, and communities, while upholding the values of Key Club.

At Staten Island Tech, this organization has spread its roots, developing a strong foundation of students dedicated to service. This long-running club is involved with charitable organizations like UNICEF, the Thirst Project, March of Dimes, and many more. Members are encouraged to attend walks, fundraisers, and leadership conventions that benefit these aforementioned causes. Not only can members participate in activities, but they can also directly plan events through joining committees.

During this service year in particular, Staten Island Tech Key Club members have adhered to the principles of Key Club through planning and executing service projects. The service year began in April, when the Leadership Training Conference (LTC) was held in upstate New York. Key Club members from hundreds of clubs throughout the state joined together to elect officials, gain necessary skills, and simply enjoy themselves. At this widely attended event, Staten Island Tech Key Club members learned essential information, which they then carried back to our school’s club and used to plan future events.

One of the major organizations Key Club supports is the Thirst Project, which aims to bring access to clean water by building wells in countries like Swaziland. In effort to improve their quality of life, Key Clubs have held fundraisers to benefit this cause. Staten Island Tech Key Club, for instance, hosted the Thirst Project Talent Show. Students came to showcase their range of talents, from guitar playing to opera. Our ticket sales from this show went directly to the cause! We continue to stand behind this important organization.

Key Club International also supports UNICEF, a children’s rights and emergency relief organization. Every Halloween, Key Clubbers support UNICEF in its trick-or-treat event by asking for spare change instead of asking for candy. This may seem inconsequential but the money is important for funding maternal and neonatal tetanus shots. Each shot only costs about $0.20 and is vital to the survival of pregnant mothers and their babies.

According to Staten Island Tech Key Club President, Zobee Ali, “Key Club is so much fun! Every day I am surrounded by Key Club members looking to do good for their community, and it warms my heart each time! I am proud to serve as Tech’s president, and help [the members] help [their community]. This position has been such an honor, and I am always grateful.”

Please join Key Club on Thursdays in the cafeteria to learn more about what this great organization is doing!

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