Girls Cross Country Season

The Girls Cross Country team’s hard work over the summer paid off during their races this season. They came in fourth at City Championships, qualifying for State Championships, behind the strong running of Marykate Drennan, who finished sixth in the race. The girls also ran well at Borough Championships, placing second as a team behind Tottenville. The last race of the season, which is the Island Championship, will be held next week at Clove Lakes Park.
Juniors Drennan and Dylan St. Lawrence have been the top runners for MSIT Girls Cross Country team. Drennan and St. Lawrence have been running together since their freshman year, however Drennan started training for cross country races when she was in kindergarten. Next year, they will have a chance to repeat and to improve on their successful season.

Goals for Cross Country:
Drennan broke her 2.5 mile time of sub-16 minute race which she ran at the Manhattan Invite. Her second goal for the season is to break 20 minutes in a 5,000 meter race. Her time at the City Championships was 20 minutes and 44 seconds. St. Lawrence’s most important goal was to stay positive and content with each race and stay mentally strong throughout the season.

Favorite Workout:
Different runners have different workouts that they prefer. St. Lawrence enjoys to run the Broken sixes (an all out 400 followed by an all out 200 with 10 minutes of recovery and then repeated once more). The girls team completes this workout twice every year before the indoor and outdoor track seasons. On the other hand, Drennan prefers a simple tempo run workout. During a tempo run, Drennan starts at an easy tempo and finishes at a tough pace by increasing your tempo every interval.

Favorite Memory:
Drennan’s favorite memory amongst many during her first three years of being on MSIT’s Cross Country Team was the first time she received a varsity singlet freshman year at the Six Flags Invitational. St. Lawrence’s favorite memories are the long runs with her teammates, which sometimes lead to breaks for hot chocolate, if they happen to be near a team member’s house.

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