“Kick the Can!”

Every can of soda contains the equivalent of sixteen teaspoons of sugar. On average, 80% of the youth population consume sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) daily. In an effort to lessen the harmful effects of SSB consumption, Borough President James Oddo has designed the Sodabriety Challenge.

The Sodabriety Challenge is an initiative that recruits students to drink sugarless drinks for thirty days. The challenge presents students with the opportunity to decrease SSB consumption. Staten Island Tech put together an advisory council, called the Wellness Committee, which is composed of students that work together to raise awareness of various health issues.

At Staten Island Tech, this initiative is spearheaded by Mr. Granite and Dr. Jax. When asked about the program, Mr. Granite claimed, “the purpose of this project is to help students avoid obesity, heart diseases and cardiovascular issues, drink less calories, avoid weight gain in the form of fat mass, and to avoid sugar spikes and their crashes.” In fact, according to Mr. Granite, “the odds of children becoming obese increases 1.6 times for each daily SSB serving.”

Drinking and eating healthy is very important to Mr. Granite, as it “has had a positive impact on [his] life.” Additionally, he believes the initiative will benefit students’ lives. As a result of his involvement in Sodabriety, he is more “cognizant of what [he] is putting in [his] body and the negative effects of SSBs and unhealthy foods.”

We encourage everyone to take part in this challenge. The initiative is starting November 13, 2015 and will run until December 13, 2015. “Kick the Can!”

By Joanne Rodriguez, Katherine Thompson, and Lillian Huang

Edited by Cindy Lin and Michael Polizzano

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