The Senior SING Perspective

With fall upon us, many have their minds on football, Halloween, and pumpkin spice lattes. However, a large portion of Tech’s students have their minds set on one thing: SING. Already well into rehearsals, both casts, crews, and bands are working diligently to prepare for the November shows that are right around the corner. Amanda Aurilia, one of the directors for the Senior Freshman Victory (SFV) team, is an integral part of her team’s show. The pressure is higher than ever to secure a victory for the seniors. However, with Amanda’s confidence and goals for the play, that pressure may turn into motivation for the senior cast.

Amanda Aurilia had been a member of ensemble for 3 years until she made the move to director. When asked about her transition, she commented, “It’s definitely interesting because I realize that, being in ensemble, you are seeing things from the outside. But as director you’re mediating the cast, the band, stage crew, and tech crew.” I witnessed this first-hand as she moved around the auditorium, having conversations with Mrs. Brown and stage crew managers Amanda did not expect to become director. “If you told me freshman year I was going to be a director and not in the ensemble, I wouldn’t have believed you,” she reflected. She described her role as director as “the glue that holds the production together.”

A new year of SING brings new teams and new scripts. These scripts, of course, are written by the SING upperclassmen, who take time out of their summers to come together and brainstorm ideas for the show. While one may think this process could be stressful and drawn out, Amanda found it to be the complete opposite. “I’d say it was a lot more organized because we would have head writers that have access to the script, and they could edit the script. The regular writers could just see the script, and make some comments on it when they were at meetings. So head writers did most of the writing, and writers would come in and suggest ideas.” Amanda emphasized the smoothness of the process, and was completely satisfied with the result. “I’m really happy the way it went and I love our script,” she exclaimed.

0-3. That’s a record that has haunted senior SING members since freshman year, as they haven’t been able to capture a win. This year, Amanda is confident SFV can get the win once and for all. To accomplish this, Amanda proclaimed, is to have a cast that is cooperative and that work well together. “I want to make a sense of unity within the cast, that everyone is just comfortable with each other and we all feel good working as a team together. That’s what we really need to focus on.” Amanda also credited the bigger cast for the team’s opportunity this year. “This was one of my biggest goals accomplished. To hear all of these voices on stage, it just makes me really happy.” The onus to achieve a win in the seniors’ last show has not gone unnoticed. In response to directing the seniors’ last show, Amanda replied, “It’s definitely a lot of pressure. We haven’t won in three years, and I feel like, you know, you need to make a legacy, you need to bring your team to victory, But, I definitely feel up to it, and I’m very confident.” She doesn’t just attain confidence herself, but with the support of her fellow directors. “Bahira, Ian, and I make a really great team, and by directing, I wanna help my team get what we wanted for three years. I’m really going to try my best.”

This year’s show means so much to everyone, but to the seniors, the meaning is only greater. Coming together for the last time this November, they will put on a show they will never forget. In moving from ensemble to director, Amanda is seeing greatness for herself. It all came together for Amanda the first time she watched the opening rehearsed. “The first time I watched opening, the way they rehearsed and seeing them all on stage and doing the choreography, that’s when it really hit me. Like ‘wow’, I’m director, and this is our show, and look at all the components that come together to really help us do this and that was really rewarding to me.” Amanda, along with her SFV cast, is motivated to put on a great show and have fun in the process. Amanda’s approach with her directors is to be confident and to form a well-coordinated cast. This may be the year when the missing pieces fall into place for a senior class which is so determined to make their last stand.

By Brandon Griffo

Edited by Cindy Lin and Michael Polizzano

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