Club Hub: Coding 101

This Club Hub features Coding 101, a club founded this year by Julia Radzio and Shannon Yasuda. We interviewed Radzio, who discussed some of the exciting activities in which the club participates.

Why did you start coding club?

I’ve always enjoyed helping others learn new things. I was in Girls Who Code for 2 years and I wanted to make a club for coding this year as well.

What is favorite part of the club?

My favorite part of the club has been learning new programming languages and improving the ones I know about.

What are some coding projects on which you have worked?

Last year, for Girls Who Code, my friends and I submitted a wire frame to the Samsung App Challenge. Even though we did not win, the project showed us how well we could work together as a team. This year in Coding 101 we have not started working on any projects, as most of our members are in the process of learning the programming languages, but we will be working on projects in the upcoming year.

Why should people join Coding 101?

Coding 101 is a great place to hang out with friends, while learning how the code. By working on projects with new individuals, you learn how to work as a team, while still having fun. The Coding club is also a great stepping stone for people who are interested in computer science or engineering and want to learn more about what happens in these fields.

How long have you been coding?

I have been coding since my freshman year. I was in the Girls Who Code club as a freshman and a sophomore, and I continue to love learning about coding in my spare time.

Is coding open to people of all skill level?

Coding 101 is open to any skill level, beginner to advanced. The club is very self-motivated, as members use websites like Codecademy and Khan Academy to learn the different languages. No matter when you join the club or how much you know about coding, you can still participate in the same things as the more advanced members. Shannon and I are always willing to help people to learn more about coding, regardless of your skill level.

If you’re interested in this club, make sure to attend meetings Thursdays in the computer lab!

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