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Every year, the Filipino Club participates in Tech’s Multi-Cultural show with traditional Filipino dances such as Tinikling and Cariñosa. We interviewed Gabriel Demes, who has been a part of the club since his freshman year and is currently co-president of Filipino Club.

1. What about Filipino Club convinced you to join?
Freshman year at the freshman club fair, me and a group of friends were introduced to the seniors who were in Filipino club. They talked to us and seemed very welcoming. It was as if they were taking us under their wing. They had demonstrated basic tinikling and it caught our attention. They told us to try and that convinced us to join the club. Besides, we were new to the high school tech life and wanted to “test the waters” (Tinikling reference).

2. What is your favorite memory from Filipino Club?
This is actually really hard. I want to say that the shows are my favorite memories of Flip club. But what I’ll truly miss is the time we spent during breaks at someone’s house practicing. We all seem to connect and bond. We built a family that’s to die for. One time in particular that I always remember is two years ago, we went to the president’s, at the time, house to practice over a break. It was in the middle of winter and it was freezing outside. However, due to space constraints, we were forced to practice outside! But when we took lunch breaks or simply went inside to warm up, we all really bonded and it was truly a quasi family. We were all really close that year.

3. What is your favorite Filipino Club dance?
My favorite dance is tied between the couples dance, cariñosa, and Uptown Funk modern tinikling dance of last year.

4. Which was your favorite multicultural performance?
I truly don’t have a favorite multicultural performance. I’ve honestly loved them all. Freshman year, it was really fun and great with the alumni. Sophomore year, it was fun because we were all extremely close and it was all of our first year leading a club. Junior year, it was my stress reliever and way to escape things that were going on in my life while being around people I love.

5. What would you say to anyone who is thinking about joining Filipino Club?
I would say that you should definitely join. You’ll gain a family and you’ll have many upperclassmen friends who will take you under their wing and they tend to stay in contact. Also it’s just really fun and one of the most down to earth clubs. We’re really accepting and it’s kind of funny because a majority of the club isn’t comprised of Filipinos.

6. What are hopes for Filipino Club after you graduate?
I want Filipino club to be stronger than ever by the time that I graduate. I hope we leave a strong foot with many more years of family and multicultural performances to come.

7. Since this is your senior year, what would you like to say to your fellow Filipino Club seniors?
I think I want to say thank you for an amazing four years. We’ve had our ups and downs but you guys never fail to make me feel proud, welcomed and loved. I truly hope that we all keep in touch in the years to come. You all are talented and I know that you will go far in your lives. I love you all and I’m truly going to miss the moments we shared.

By Tiffany Zhao & Joanne Rodriguez

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