Girls Varsity Table Tennis Season Review

The Girls’ Varsity Table Tennis team went an outstanding 8-2 this season, capping off its season with a riveting 4-1 win over Townsend Harris to finish third place in the city. It’s a remarkable finish for a team that had to overcome a lot this season. From decimating injuries to the everyday struggles of Tech life, these sixteen girls beat the odds to place higher than any other Varsity Table Tennis team in school history. The team’s season was so inspiring, it caught the attention of some famous Hollywood producers, who had it turned into a movie: “Remember the Shegulls”. As we head into the offseason, the MSIT Table Tennis team will look to acquire new players via free agency and trade, while hoping to possibly take home the hardware next season. For now, however, we catch up with a couple of the star performers from last year to hear their thoughts on last year’s season. Below, is a joint interview with Table Tennis captain Laura Quirk and her doubles partner Julia Prinzi.


Q: You finished with the best record in MSIT history, and ended up placing third in the city. What do you have to say about your record finish?


Julia: Well, it was a rewarding experience, something I’ll never forget.

Laura: What Julia said.


Q: What kind of bond did you form with your teammates?


L: We all are a little different, but when we play together we’re all the same.


Q: What was your favorite part of the season?


J: The practices, playing Justin Bieber and High School Musical.

L: Being able to practice and have fun with our teammates.


Q: Is there anything you wish went differently this season?


L: I wish we beat Stuyvesant in the playoffs.

J: Who’s our rival? Do we have one?


J: Did we beat them?

L: Yeah.

J: Then nevermind.


Q: What do you enjoy most about Table Tennis?


L: We enjoy winning.

J: As a doubles team, me and Laura are undefeated. We’ve never lost a game.


Q: How did you get ready for this season?


J: Played in my basement.

L: Together.


Q: What inspired you to play Table Tennis?


L: It was new when I was a sophomore, it was never done before, it was something different.

J: Laura made me.


Q: Laura what do you have to say, after being on the team for so long?


L: Well, I was on the first ever Varsity Table Tennis team as a sophomore. I feel accomplished, I even made it all the way to captain. Shoutout to Mr. T, the original coach. He taught me everything I know about the sport.


Q: Any Table Tennis techniques you wanna share?


J: Kill ‘em with the serve.

L: It’s actually our mantra.


Q: Any tips for aspiring Table Tennis players?


L: Practice makes perfect, If you have a good serve, you can gain a lot of points.

J: Kill ‘em with the serve.


Q: Do you get mad when people call it ping pong?


L: Very, it’s a sport, not a hobby.

J: Yes, it’s Varsity Table Tennis, and should be taken seriously.


Q: Any expectations for next year’s team?


L: They’re gonna do very well because our three best players are still gonna be there, carrying the team. Angela, Kayla, and Aruni.

J: Shuhua’s gonna kill it next year too.

L: Yeah, Shuhua’s gonna step up. Make sure to mention Shuhua.


Q: Anything else you wanna add?


J: Kill ‘em with the serve.

L: It all started with a dream.

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