Club Hub: Korean Culture Club

By Katherine Thompson

I interviewed Juyoung Lee, the co-president of the Korean Culture Club. She spoke about her inspirations, best experiences in the club, and excitement prior to the club’s amazing performance at the Multicultural Show.

What prompted you to start KCC?
There were a lot of reasons. I have pride in my dual identity, but when I was young, a lot of people didn’t know about Korean culture, let alone Korea, itself. I also used to and still do promote diplomacy. So I wanted to branch out and create a club, to promote interest in Korean language and food, encourage interaction between grades, and bring together people with passion.

Have you always been involved in dance?
Yes! I was a school representative ballroom dancer and we went to the finals in a competition in elementary school. In middle school, I mainly danced by myself, but started to dance at school again in high school.

What is your favorite part of the club?
In our school, it gives me a chance to know a lot of underclassmen and provides bonding time. Also, it involves a group spirit, through which we all work toward the same goal. Not everyone has experience in dancing and seeing them perform well makes it worth it.

Are you excited for the Multicultural Show? Why?
Yes! it’s a chance for our club and for other clubs to showcase what we have all been working on for a long time. I am also excited to see other group performances. It’s great to hear people’s reactions and when people compliment us on the hard work we have done, it makes me very happy.

Since this is your last year, is there anything you would like to say to your fellow club members?
I am so glad that I started the club. We started with five members and performed even though we weren’t an official club until sophomore year. Now, we have over twenty members! It’s something that I can look back on and be proud. You were all so supportive and I am really thankful for that. I’m going to miss you all and the memories that we made, but I am glad I was able to have this experience during high school. I am excited to see what everyone is going to do next year!

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