Wrestling Interview with Thomas Siller

By Sonny Chauhan

What got you into wrestling?
I started wrestling because I wanted to get more athletic for football.

In what states have you participated in wrestling tournaments?
North Dakota, Florida, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New Jersey.

Did wrestling make you quit football? How come you didn’t decide to do both?
I was better at wrestling than football, I enjoyed it more, and I wanted to become really good at wrestling.

How far have you made it in wrestling?
I qualified for the nationals as a sophomore and I am a two time PSAL champion.

What is your favorite moment in the wrestling tournaments?
My favorite moment was when I took the lead with 10 seconds left in the city championships this year.

Who is your main inspiration?
My main inspiration is Brock Lesner-who is an MMA fighter, and a former Minnesota wrestler.

What is your favorite tournament?
My favorite tournament is the Dave Ironman tournament at Monsignor Farell High School.

Did you ever participate in wrestling before high school?
No, I started wrestling during my freshman year.

Are you planning to continue wrestling in college?
I plan to participate in wrestling in Oswego State University.

Do you want to continue wrestling when growing up?
No, I don’t plan to do pro wrestling.

What do you like most about wrestling?
I like that it’s one on one, I like that it’s physical, and hand to hand.

What you take most from wrestling?
I take the work ethic- I learned how to work really hard at something.

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