Seven Reasons Why you Should Attend the Senior Trip

By Baaba Annan

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  1. The Cost
    I know, $1,500 seems like a lot for a trip to Disney. However, it actually covers a lot, and it makes sense once you’re there and you see how much you get. The $1,500 pays for the plane tickets, the room, access to all the parks,  and vouchers for two meals every day. It doesn’t seem like much, but trust me it is. It’s actually a great deal. People say “I can go for cheaper on my own,” or “I’ll drive there and it’ll cost less,” but it won’t. Try pricing it yourself if you don’t believe me.
    You can pay in three payments, two payments, or one full payment. You can choose which payment method is best for you, and that’s definitely helpful. At the end of the day, you get so much more than the things listed above. You get everything listed below, and what a great incentive that is.
  2. The Rides
    If you love amusement park rides, roller coasters, and the rush they give you, then you’ll love Disney. If you don’t like roller coasters or the rush they give you, you’ll still love Disney. Let me explain. There is such a variety of attractions, that whether you like fast coasters, or slow ones with a show, you’ll always have a ride to go on. For example, if you like more fast and exhilarating rides, there’s “Space Mountain”, “Test Track”, “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith”, and “Expedition Everest” to keep you pumped. If you like more chill attractions, you’ll definitely enjoy “It’s a Small World”, “Mickey’s Philharmagic”, “Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor”, and “Mad Tea Party”. It’s definitely a lot of fun, no matter what type of attractions you like.
  3. The Food
    One thing that I was most excited about when visiting Disney was the food, and I was not disappointed. Two meal vouchers are provided everyday on the trip besides Friday: one breakfast voucher and one voucher for lunch or dinner. The breakfast voucher is used at the hotel, and the famous Mickey waffles are included. The vouchers can be used at whatever establishments are listed on it. You might think that there are not many options, but there are actually so many that it’s hard to choose where to eat. There is also a variety of meals you can get with the vouchers at restaurants, and if you work smart, you can get a $30 meal without paying for anything. You also don’t have to use your voucher if you don’t want to. If you book dinner at restaurants that don’t accept vouchers, you can still get a delicious meal that you will enjoy. However, the vouchers are there to help, so make use of them.
  4. The Pictures
    As a part of your package, you get a magic band, which acts as your room key, but also gives you the option to save all your professional pictures that are taken in the Disney parks. There are photographers all over the parks, and pictures after you go on rides that you can have access to if you scan your magic band. As long as one person scans for the pictures, you will have access to all of them after the trip through Mr. Terrusa. This is great because you will not only have your personal pictures, but you will also have professional pictures taken by the photographers, and pictures from the rides that you would not get otherwise. You want to capture as many moments as possible during your experience, and this is a great way to do so.
  5. The Exercise
    If you want to be fit and stay healthy, totally come to Disney! The parks are HUGE and you want to do as much as possible in your time there, so you’re going to have to do a lot of walking/running. It’s definitely worth it though. We walked an average of at least 10 miles a day, which is honestly all the working out you need. It doesn’t even feel like that much because you are doing so many other things, even if it’s just walking around the park in general. It’s also a great way to work off those calories from the food/treats, which are too good to resist.
  6. The Memories
    At the end of the day, this is your senior trip, so it’s most likely the last school trip you are going to go on with your friends from the school. This is definitely the best time for you to really enjoy their presence, and make more great memories with them before the year is over. Spending 5 days with your close friends in the happiest place on earth is an even better experience than it sounds. This is a chance for you to get even closer and really celebrate senior year and your hard work and how far you’ve come together. You can even make new friends along the way, and befriend other techies that you would not have necessarily had the opportunity to talk to before. Seeing your favorite characters, going on great rides, tasting the best Mickey Mouse waffles in the world, and your sore feet are some great things to remember. All these great things are memories you’ll never forget.
  7. The Experience
    How many people can say that the went to Disney World/Universal Studios for their high school senior trip? Not many. It’s such amazing experience, and whether you’ve been there before or not, it’ll be a Disney trip to remember. The food, the rides, the adventure, the pictures, the memories, and even the exercise all make up the best experience possible. And all for a great price? There’s honestly nothing better. I personally, am so glad that I can say my first Disney experience was my senior trip. It could not have been more amazing. Even if you have great expectations like I did, they will be exceeded. The only regrets that exist about this trip are from students who didn’t go. Don’t be one of them.

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