Tech Leveled Up! 

Staten Island Tech has expanded its online databases with the addition of JSTOR! JSTOR is a shared online library that stores 2,300 academic journals and 50 million pages. This database will greatly help students with research papers, SERP studies, and projects. The login information for JSTOR is listed in the library, or contact Mrs. Cavaliere for more information.
In addition to JSTOR, Tech added ScienceDirect to its set of databases. Science Direct is a website that holds over 3,500 academic journals and 12 million pieces of content. Primarily a science and technology database, it offers Tech students an abundant amount of resources to aid in STEM-related projects and research. Any student has access to ScienceDirect as long as they are in the Tech building. If you would like to obtain a personal account to work outside of school, contact Mrs. Cavaliere to set up your own account.
–Brandon Griffo

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