Live Más With Taco Bell’s Live Más Scholarship

By Joanne Rodriguez

What is the Live Más Scholarship?

This unique scholarship hosted by Taco Bell is not based on grades, essays, or standardized test scores. This scholarship fund is for passionate dreamers and innovators. Taco Bell will help fund the winners’ post-high school education with a prize of various winnings.

How many scholarships are offered?

The Live Más Scholarship will award 220 recipients with scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 each. This amounts to $1,000,000 that will be split into various winnings for 220 recipients.

How to Enter:

All United States citizens between the ages of 16 and 24 that are going to pursue education at a postsecondary college, university, or trade school are invited to apply. The scholarship requires you to make and submit a short video of 2 minutes or less about your unique passion. The video can be a testimonial, animation, or a short film. Make sure to include your passion, what can help you pursue your passion, and what your next step in education is.

*All entries are due on May 27,2016!*

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