Six Flags Great Adventure Cross Country Meet

by Reese Ganaway and Kevin Kerliu

This past weekend, the boy’s and girl’s Cross Country teams had their second Cross Country race, one which has them looking forward into a promising future.

The boy’s Varsity team ran the 5K Varsity C race at Six Flags Great Adventure this weekend. The team was made up of 2 seniors (Omar Toro and Sean Okubo), 3 juniors (Oadhan Lynch, William Zeng, and Mark Melnik), and 2 sophomores (Casey Weiler and Richard Guang). This grade diversity across the team is unheard of! Varsity teams typically consist of mostly seniors and select juniors. This made the outcome of the race even more exciting. Oadhan, Sean, and Omar led the team, scoring 9th, 13th, and 19th, placing for medals, respectively. Each of them scored a course personal record. They were followed by Mark, William, Richard, and Casey.

Compared to last year’s Varsity team, the team ran an average of 4 seconds faster. It may not seem like much, but in the world of Cross Country, those 4 seconds can make all the difference. It should also be noted that last year’s Varsity team had four seniors, while this year’s had only two. This means that the rest of the team still have up to 3 years to further develop their talents, and they are already faster than last year’s team members. The team was also missing Kurtis Chan and Andy Wang, two of its top seven Varsity Cross Country runners.

The girl’s Varsity team had an equally remarkable weekend, scoring third place in the Varsity C race. The girl’s team was led by MaryKate Drennan (senior) in 3rd place, Cassidy Williams (sophomore) in 9th, and Dylan St. Lawrence (senior) in 25th. They were followed by Natalie Williams (senior), and juniors Xin Yu Zhu, Ning Ting Ni, and Jessie Lou. The girl’s Varsity team roster has not changed in the past year, but the team’s average time dropped by a whopping 1 minute and 17 seconds! This is a spectacular improvement, one which the girls hope to carry through the rest of the season. FullSizeR.jpg

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