MSIT Swims Its Way Past Port Richmond

by Marina Andrawis

The girls’ Swim meet was tense from the beginning. With only four girls available to swim the first relay, the team had a limited number of points it could have scored. However, the mood quickly altered when the girls won their first relay by a landslide. Highlights of the meet included the 200 IM and the 100 fly, both in which Tiffany Lara (senior) soared, swimming a time of 2:33.41 and 1:12.32 respectively. Shannon Brewi (freshman),  Leanna Schuller(sophomore), Gillian Fertig (junior), and Samantha Helmy (senior) also swam spectacularly, winning multiple individual events and relays. Overall, the meet was a team effort, McKee/Staten Island Tech winning over Petrides with a final score of 28 to 17. The team was able to celebrate with lightheaded cheer and tasty snacks thanks to Mrs. Fertig, who brought snacks to the meet, as well as others who came to root for the team. The meet was absolutely entertaining and, hopefully, the girls perform just as well (if not better) next Wednesday against Curtis High School and next Friday against defending island champions Tottenville! Go Seagulls!


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