You Should Sing at SING Auditions?!

by Cyan Williams

 Lights! Camera! Action! “What do you mean I have to sing”? That moment when you think you sound like a dying hyena but you still have to sing in front of a hundred of your peers–this is an experience many Tech students face each year in September during SING season. SING season is a time when two teams formed by the four grades create, direct, and star in their own musicals. It is a special time filled with teamwork and friendly competition. Each year, either the seniors and sophomores or seniors and freshmen team up against the juniors and sophomores or juniors and freshmen. This year, our two teams are the Senior-Sophomore team and the Junior-Freshmen team. Whether you’re in Cast, Band, or Stage Crew, you play an important role for your team in hopes of winning best performance in November. Since each year the teams put on an amazing show, the judges always have a tough decision to make.

 SING auditions this year were held during the second week of September. When you entered the auditorium you were greeted with tons of kids all packed into one room bustling around and murmuring with anticipation. The most important thing about these auditions is that they are a judgement-free. No one is to clap, boo, or make comments. This ensures that everyone is comfortable and tries their best on stage.

From first-hand experience auditioning for SING, I can assure you…it is a nerve-wracking but exciting experience. Standing on stage, your heart will race and you may even shake a bit, but all that really matters is putting your all into it. If SING is something you’re even vaguely considering joining, go for it next year! It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing, dance or act,  because being in SING is a wonderful time that can not be explained without first-hand experience. So what do you have to lose? Next SING, audition for Cast, Band, or even join Stage/Studio Crew. Sing even if you think you sound like a dying hyena!

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