Between Two Ferns with Ms. Giunta

by Ciaran Farley


What parts of biology interest you the most?

Human genetics is what intrigued me when I was in high school and led me to go into biology. Then, once I took biology classes in college I got more interested in the molecular side.


How has your experience been teaching at Tech?

Good! I’ve met lots of nice people, nice teachers, nice students. They’re all enthusiastic and care a lot about learning.


Tell us about some of the extracurricular activities that you help run at Tech.

Along with Ms. Fertoli and Mr. Ferrigno, I help coordinate Science Olympiad. It’s a competition with about twenty-four events that students compete in. The event areas range from engineering to life sciences to chemistry. Some events, especially the engineering ones, have projects like robot arms that have to be built before. Others involve building projects the day of the competition, and the rest are written tests. So it’s a lot of hard work and preparation.


And what about coaching the cheer and stunt teams?

Coaching those teams is fun because stunt takes parts of cheerleading and makes it into a recognized sport. Finally!


You used to be a cheerleader in high school and college, too; will we see you on an NFL sideline anytime soon?

I wish! I wouldn’t mind trying out for the Jets cheerleaders, but I think the practices would interfere with my day job. Oh well!

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