Let the Magic Begin: Once Upon a Time

by Joyce Gao


Season 6 of Once Upon A Time premiered on September 25 for a two hour special at 8|7 central.

The season started off with the executive producers addressing the audience about season 6 being a whole new journey that encompasses the past five seasons ending the story full circle back to Storybrooke. They also answer the many questions that all us Oncers had always wanted to know.

After waiting an entire summer, Once Upon a Time finally returns for a sixth season, which opens up with an encounter between Aladdin and Jafar which has been teasing us Oncers from the trailers. It was a sneak peek into the new fairytales that were to come later but quickly snapped back to present day with Emma and Hook in Storybrooke. The show introduced brand new keystones in this season, including the Land of Untold Stories coming to Storybrooke, Hyde trying to take over, and Emma’s new tremors.

To pick up from the season 5 finale when Belle pricked herself and fell into a deep sleep to protect her child from Hades, the scene shifts to Rumplestiltskin’s deal with Hyde in order to save Belle. We are once again introduced to a new location known as the Temple of Morpheus where we are surprised with the fact that Morpheus is to be Belle and Rumple’s son. Producers continue to throw new characters at the audience confusing us more and more, like Emma’s tremors, which continue to worsen.

Storybrooke lures Hyde out and arrests him, but as he is pulled away, he hinted at Emma’s tremors. With no surprise, Emma goes to see Hyde alone and is told to follow the red bird at night. Emma refuses to tell her family and Hook about the tremors and continues to fight her troubles off by herself. She continues to build walls between her and loved ones.

The scene then shifts to everyone searching for the new people from the balloon, with no knowledge if any of these people have good or bad intentions. After announcing their help will be found at Granny’s, Emma goes off on her own again as she follows the red bird to the Oracle. The Oracle tells her that the tremors are a glimpse into her future and that she will be killed in the battle, no matter the path she takes. We hardly just started the season and now producers are telling us our savior is going to get killed, but how do we even know if the Oracle is telling truth? What if she is actually working for Hyde? As for the Evil Queen who Regina ripped out of herself, she reunites with her sister, Zelena. to talk, but it seems more like planning something evil.

The season premiere was a little disappointing with the introduction of so many new characters and events. We are shifting back and forth between our original characters’ past and future, all happening in the same place. Hopefully future episodes will get a little more exciting as we find out more about these new characters in Storybrooke and Emma’s tremors.

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