MSIT in the Annual NYC XC Mayor’s Cup

by Kevin Kerliu and Reese Ganaway

On Sunday, October 9th, our boys’ and girls’ Track team participated in the Mayor’s Cup Track meet. The meet was open to all New York City schools–public, private, and Catholic. The boys’ Varsity team came in 9th place, lead by senior Sean Okubo, running a time of 13:49.9 and, coincidentally, coming in 9th place. Senior Omar Toro came next in 35th place, followed by juniors Andy Wong in 37th place, Jeffery Li in 64th place, and Mark Melnik in 68th. The team ran an average of 14:43, about 6 seconds slower than last year’s varsity average. Sean Okubo wasn’t concerned, however, saying that he believes the team’s slower time was due to the absence of the team’s leading scorer, Oadhan Lynch. He enjoyed the race saying, “I did really well. I was 9th in the whole city, 4th in PSAL. Everything felt really smooth.” He contributed his strong performance to the good weather (about 60 degrees with low winds) and pushing himself on the course’s steep hills. Overall, he has high hopes for the team not only for this year, but also for the future as its underclassmen already compete on the Varsity level. Furthermore, Okubo stressed the importance of the team’s strong future and its performance at the meet, explaining that 9th place in the city actually means 4th place in PSAL, a huge feat. These results are consistent with a possible future in state competitions.

The girls’ Varsity team came in 4th place at the meet. The team had a total of 153 points giving them this spot. Senior MaryKate Drennan was the team’s first runner to finish, coming in 5th place at a time of 16:14. Following her, sophomore Cassidy Williams placed 9th with a remarkable time for an underclassman–16:36.2. Her goals for her future years at Tech are clear: to support her team and continue running amazing times. She is projected to be among the top few athletes in the city next year at this rate, and with two years left in her high school career, there’s no telling what else the future holds for her! Next came Xin Yu Zhu in 40th with a time of 18:33.3 and Natalie Williams closely behind in 48th place with 18.53.5. The Williams sisters are a core part of the team. Finally, Jessie Lou and Michelle Maliborska finished together in 56th and 58th, respectively. It is also notable that the girls were missing one of their top scorers, Dylan St. Lawrence, but it’s hard to predict whether or not her presence would have affected the team’s overall placing and performance considering they trailed the 3rd place team by a staggering 43 points. Regardless, the girls’ performance in the city still places them 3rd in PSAL and in a prime position to qualify for state competitions.

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