Fantasy Football With Tom and J (Week 7)

Start ‘em, Sit ‘em

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Top 3 QBs to Start this Week

Jameis Winston vs. 49ers:  As expected, this has been an immensely disappointing start to the season.  Now Winston will enter with a Buccaneer offense that can be dangerous.  If Winston can right his interception woes, this game is a gold mine for points.  Remember, the Buffalo Bills just scored 45 against these 49ers.

Alex Smith vs. Saints:  Theoretically, Smith should have balled out against the Raiders last week, but he and the Chiefs’ passing game were major disappointments.  He will get the chance to redeem himself this week against a Saints’ defense that routinely forces their offense into shootouts (see last week’s 41-38 bout with the Panthers), so the opportunity for the points is there.  He just needs to go and get them.

Andy Dalton vs. Browns:  If you’ve been watching the NFL this season, you know the Cleveland Browns’ defense is not exactly what you would call “good”.  If you’ve been reading this column, you know that we like QBs who play the Browns, and with Marcus Mariota turning in a 27 point outing last week against them, Dalton, who has more offensive weapons available to him, so he should definitely be in your lineup this week.

Top 3 QBs to Sit this Week

Carson Palmer vs. Seahawks:  After what was supposed to be a great start to the season, Carson Palmer became a major disappointment.  Last week was supposed to be a golden matchup against the Jets, and despite putting up 28 points, Palmer only posted 12 fantasy points.  Given the matchup with a Seattle defense that is allowing only 12 points a game to QBs, and the increased emphasis on the run game in Arizona, it is not the week to put your faith in Palmer.

Carson Wentz vs. Vikings:  Carson Wentz has been a rookie stud for the Eagles, but he has begun to cool off, with 16 points and 7 points the past 2 weeks.  Now he will face a stout Viking’s defense which is allowing only 13 points a game to QBs and held MVPs Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers in check.  Find a different option than Wentz this week.

Brock Osweiler vs. Broncos:  For those who started Osweiler last week but didn’t watch the Sunday Night Game, you were probably happy with what you saw.  However, if you watched the game, you know that until the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter, the abysmal Colts defense was actually holding him in check.  Now he gets to play arguably the best defense in Football on Monday Night.  So you really want to put your week on the line with him?

Top 3 RBs to Start this Week

Melvin Gordon Vs. Falcons: Melvin Gordon has been almost single-handedly all of the Chargers’ offense in the past couple of weeks. Even though Week 6 he was stifled from any TDs, he still averages 1.5 TDs a game and at least 75 yards. Melvin Gordon is great on pass and rush plays and he is a very athletic RB who defenses have to scheme for. I think he will get at least one TD against the Falcons and 65 yards. This makes him a top running back to start.

Demarco Murray Vs. Colts: DeMarco Murray has been the surprisingly one of the best RBs this year. No one could have projected for him to be as good as he is. Most weeks DeMarco Murray received more than 100+ yards on multiple matchups. Murray is also a huge red zone threat. Murray has rushed for 4 TDs this year and received 2 TDs. The Colt’s defense is also not great at stopping the run. The Defense gives up way too many rushing yards not to start a beast such as DeMarco Murray against them.

LeSean McCoy Vs. Dolphins: LeSean McCoy blew up in Week 3 and hasn’t calmed down ever since. He has been putting up crazy numbers against good defenses., which excites us to see that he is matched up against the Dolphins. The Dolphins’ defense is not physically capable of stopping a beast such as McCoy. McCoy has had an average of 120 yards in the last 3 games and had 3 TDs last week. This indicates that the Bills have plans for McCoy to carry the ball into the endzone. We think McCoy is going to be amazing this week.

Top 3 RBs to Sit this week:

Jay Ajayi vs. Bills: Jay Ajayi had a great game last week, making him the top waiver pick up this week. I think it is going to be a bust. Momentum is everything in Football and the Steelers lost momentum last week when Big Ben injured out for a few quarters. We strongly believe Jay Ajayi had a breakout game because of this momentum switch. Ajayi has not gotten more than 50 yards in the first 5 weeks. We think he is a bust.

Lamar Miller vs. Broncos: Starting anyone against the Broncos is questionable. The Broncos’ defense was amazing last year, it won them a Ring. It is very apparent that when the Texans face strong adversity such as the Vikings’ in Week 5, they can’t seem to execute the rushing game. In Week 5 Lamar Miller had a total of 24 yards and we predict he will replicate this same performance this week against a stronger defense.

Isaiah Crowell vs. Bengals:  Isaiah Crowell has been one of the most inconsistent RBs this year. In general, the Brown’s offense is not one that you can strong suggest. He has gotten at most 40 yards the last two weeks and 0 TDs. This is not a RB we would have confidence in. Especially since they are playing a decent defense (the Bengals’).

Top 3 WRs to Start this Week

A.J. Green vs. Browns:  If you want the short reason to start Green, see the Andy Dalton section above.  If you want the long reason, the Browns are allowing a whopping 25 points to opposing WRs this season, and Green has received double-digit targets almost every game this season.  When he gets his usual targets, he will get at least 100 yards, and he will get that this week.  Start him with confidence.

Amari Cooper vs. Jaguars: Derek Carr and Amari Cooper have been amazing the last few weeks. In the last few weeks he has had 100+ yards and a few TDs. We think he will stomp on the Jaguar secondary. We believe it is going to be a very high scoring game between the Raiders and Jaguars, which makes Cooper a top WR.  It’s time to ride the AC/DC Current.

Jeremy Maclin vs. Saints:  If you’re like us, you’re probably kicking yourself for taking Jeremy Maclin in the 4th round with the likes of T.Y. Hilton and Emmanuel Sanders on the board, but I’m ready to give him one last shot to prove his worth.  Last week, he should have torn up a non-existent Raiders’ secondary and failed.  If he can’t beat a Saints’ secondary allowing an average of 26 points to opposing WRs, it may be time to accept defeat.

Top 3 WRs to Sit this Week

Jordan Matthews vs. Vikings:  The Minnesota Vikings defense has become one of the elite units in Football.  Xavier Rhodes is rapidly emerging as one of the league’s great corners, having held the likes of Odell Beckham Jr. in check.  Matthews is not quite on that elite level yet, so it is not a good idea to put your faith in him this week.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. Seahawks:  The Cardinals’ offense has been struggling mightily recently.  Larry Fitzgerald has been the lone bright spot.  However, this week he faces Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom.  With the Seahawks’ defense playing with its typical level of success, Fitz is likely going to be in for a long night.

DeAndre Hopkins vs. Broncos:  While it may sound impossible, Hopkins might require benching if you have better options this week.  The Broncos’ secondary has held the likes of Julio Jones and Mike Evans in check and is giving up an average of just 10 points per game to opposing WRs.  If you have to start Hopkins ‘cause your life depends on it (like one of us), go ahead.  If not, find a better solution.

Top TE to Start this Week

Delanie Walker vs. Colts:  Yes, it’s that time of the week where we beg you to realize how underrated Delanie Walker is.  Walker is Marcus Mariota’s favorite target, and with Mariota balling out of late, it is time to ride the Walker train.  Oh, and they’re playing that undeniably questionable Colts’ secondary that can’t stop opposing passing offenses.  Start Walker.

Top TE to Sit this Week

Larry Donnell vs. Rams:  The Giants’ passing offense is struggling mightily, and while OBJ finally got it going last week, it’s going to probably be awhile before we see any tight ends gather many targets in this offense.  This means even if Donnell plays, you shouldn’t be playing him.

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