Interview with Tamar Razmadze

by Adam Chrysostomou

Running cross-country is not an easy task, but doing it while trying to choreograph SING takes to a whole new level.  Tamar Razmadze is a senior, and along with dealing with the stress of college applications, she manages to run for the MSIT girl’s Cross Country team, and choreograph SING for SSV all while maintaining a high average. How does she do it?  I sat down with her to find out.

Adam Chrysostomou: How do you manage to be a choreographer for SING and run for the cross-country team?

Tamar Razmadze: “Well, it’s all about balance and compromise. Some days I have to go to SING and others to track.   It’s basically a big game of catch-up between the two.  When I go to track, I have to learn from the other choreographers, Julia (Walsh) and Caitlin (Balagula), the dances they taught.  The days that I go to SING, I spend a lot of the evening doing the workouts I would have been doing if I had gone to track.

AC: How do you keep up with school work while doing all that you do?

TR: Honestly, the best thing is staying organized.  Knowing how long something will take and giving yourself enough time to do it. Also, doing things in advanced helps.  I spend most free periods doing homework and studying.  Also, when I found out the songs for SING, I was creating dances while on vacation in Georgia.  

AC: What got you into dance?

TR: When I was younger, my best friend Katerina used to dance at a dance studio.  Every day she would tell me to come with her so that we could spend more time together.  So one day I took her up on her offer and as soon as I walked in, it felt like I was a home.

AC: And just like that you were the dancer you are today, right?

TR: Well not exactly.  I was already musically inclined to playing the guitar, and I also sang a little, so being able to follow the beat and rhythm came easy.  I also played a lot of sports when I was younger so I was already physically fit when I was dancing.

AC: Do you still attend the dance studio?

TR: Sadly I had to quit due to schoolwork and track, but whenever I hear my jam come on, you already know that you will see me dancing.

AC: What got you into track?

TR: Well as I said earlier, I played a lot of sports as a kid, and I’m always open to trying something new.  Also, all my friends joined so I decided to join too.  Going in, I had no idea I would fall in love with the sport.  It is there that I found my true love…HIGH JUMP.  Joining track taught me self-motivation and that the only way to get better is to keep trying.  The sky is the limit but I always try to reach for the stars.

AC: After doing SING for all four years, what has your favorite SING moment been?

TR: My favorite SING moment came last year when we ran our first run-through with bows, and I remember when I ran through with the other choreographers and just thinking ‘Wow we did it.’  It was crazy to think that something that I visualized became a reality and looked so good.

AC: How is SING looking this year?

TR: I think it’s too early to tell, but the one thing that warms my heart is that we have a really passionate group this year.  Despite my constant yelling, I feel that everyone is putting 110%.  It’s crazy to see how the sophomores, who are like babies to the seniors, put in so much effort and grow with each dance we teach.  With every day that passes I realize more and more how much I’m going to miss seeing these people every day.

AC: Which is your favorite season of track and why?

TR: By far indoor season during the winter.  I love the armory, the track that we run on during indoor season.  It’s so beautiful in there and so many good memories.  I remember walking into the armory freshman year and just loving the atmosphere.  That is one of the reason why I fell in love with track.  Also it marks the beginning of field events which is my forte.

AC: What is your favorite field event?

TR: As I said before I love the high jump.  It always reminded me of dance in a way.  I always felt like I was gracefully jumping over the bar and I feel like I look good while doing it.

AC: Are you going to continue doing dance and or run in college?

TR: A lot of the schools I’m applying to are D1 so I don’t believe I’ll be doing track in college.  But I’ll definitely still be running to stay in shape, just in case anyone is trying to race. Also I still want to do high jump, so I might try to join a club to do field events.  As for dance, definitely.  I want to try and join my college’s dance team to continue what I started.  The thing about dance is that there are so many genres that there’s no way to learn everything but that just means there’s just room for improvement.

AC: Any role models?

TR: Oh my god, Ms. Fink is one of my biggest mentors.  She has always been there to help, and basically ingrained  my love for high jump.  She would always tell me to never give up and keep trying.  She would always treat me as a friend and I always know that she truly cares for me and that all in all motivated me to become better.  Also, Melissa Birnbaum, the choreographer for freshman SING.  She is the one that motivated me to become choreographer.  Her telling me that made me feel extremely special because it meant that someone took notice to my dancing.  Also, her passion for dance motivated me to put my whole heart into everything I do, whether it be dance, or track, or anything I do in life.

AC: Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

TR: In all honesty, I could give a whole page worth of people and why they all mean something, but I’ll keep this short.  I’d like to thank all the friends who have been there to support me over the years, and especially those who have kept me sane during this entire college process.  They are the ones who make me realize to focus on the present, and to not worry about the little things, and to keep smiling.  Also, shout out to the big four for pushing me to my limits but for also making me laugh and making this SING a very memorable last one.  And most of all, shout out to the guy that always told me to believe in myself and introduced me to high jump and made me fall in love with the event.

SING is the nights of November 10th, 11th, and 12th.  Tamar and the rest of the cast has worked extremely hard these last couple of weeks, and it only gets harder as the show gets closer and the rehearsals get longer.  I would like to thank Tamar for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with me.  

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