Geek Central: Review of ComicCon

By Cyan Williams

If you like superheroes, possibly the most exciting event of the year is…NYC ComicCon! ComicCon is held in Manhattan annually (in October). The event takes place in the Javits Center and lasts Thursday through Sunday. This year, NYC ComicCon began on Thursday, October 6th. If you think that ComicCon isn’t for you because of a lack of interest in comic books, you may be mistaken. If you’re interested in popular television series, movies, books, art, or almost any fandom at all, ComicCon will surely have something for you. Each year, celebrity guests are present for autographs and photo ops. This year, actors from The Walking Dead to Matt Smith from Doctor Who attended. ComicCon is a wonderful time to meet some of your favorite writers of comics and books and there’s even an artist alley if you want to pick up something to hang on your wall.

  ComicCon isn’t just about the famous people who attend. Each year, cosplayers from all around the United States come to showcase their outfits. Have you ever wanted to see a StormTrooper and Deadpool in the same room? With ComiCon, you are can now see that. Everywhere you look, hundreds of cosplayers guaranteed to be around. These costumes range anywhere from Adventure Time costumes to costumes from Game of Thrones. Even if you’re not cosplaying yourself, you can take pictures with people dressed as your favorite characters if you ask nicely or maybe just attend a cosplay contest. Being on stage may be fun but sitting in the audience can be just as entertaining! If you’re hungry, there are food stands lining the area and an inexpensive food court. Want to buy some “online-only fandom merchandise? ComiCon is the definitely the place to look. Want to play demos of games before they come out? Comicon is also the place for that. Whether you are a fan, a gamer, or “just your average Joe”, there will likely be something at ComicCon for you. Put on those fez’s, breakout the nerd shirts, and attend ComicCon next year!

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