Christopher Nolan Profile

*Photo by Steve Granitz, Picture from IMDb*

by Michael Burovsky

Considered one of the most creative directors of our time, Christopher Nolan has a unique sense of directing and storytelling which has propelled him into fame. He had a slow rise into being one of the top directors of the 21st century and his acclaim is well deserved. Many know him for movies such as Inception, Interstellar, and movies in the Batman saga which all project (no pun intended) his particular style of directing.
Nolan was born in London on July 30th, 1970. Due to his parents’ different nationalities, he was raised in two different places. When with his father, he would be in London. When with his mother, he would be in Chicago. He was the middle son of the family in which his older brother Matthew was a convicted criminal, and his younger brother, Jonathan, also became a director and writer. Nolan began making short films from the very young age of seven. He majored in English in Georgetown University before pursuing serious directing. Some of his first few shorts included Tarantula and Larceny, which was made in one weekend. His debut came from a film he made called Following.
Following was one of the first films to give Nolan traction and a reputation because of its unique style and intriguing plot. After this, he made Momento, which was a cult classic. The plot is unique since the story actually is shown backwards. He did this by using Polaroid’s with notes written behind them, which lead the character to having flashbacks. This movie was based on a short story written by his younger brother and became a hit, putting Nolan closer and closer to the top. Next, he made Insomnia and then hit a big point in his career by taking over The Dark Knight series. His first Batman movie, Batman Begins, received great reviews with a 94% “Audience Score” on Rotten Tomato. This was due to the movie’s ability to stay exciting yet intriguing and also present the core concept of Batman’s character to film. He proceeded to make another two Batman movies, both also receiving good reviews. In 2010, Nolan showed his creativity yet again with the movie Inception, a very twisty, intelligent movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Presenting a group of people who can enter dreams and steal information, Inception ended up leading the group through multiple layers of a businessman’s sub-conscious while its mission gets damaged through a foe from DiCaprio’s own sub-conscious.  Then after Inception, Nolan made Interstellar, another genius movie. A very thought-provoking sci-fi thriller, it helped secure Nolan’s position as a visionary director.
If you search “Christopher Nolan” and “scandal,” there will not be many results. However, the results relate to his older brother, Matthew. In a crazy, movie-like plot, there are allegations that Matthew Nolan had a past as a hired murderer. The allegations state that Matthew was hired by a jewelery- or drug-dealer to murder an accountant by the name of Robert Cohen in Costa Rica. The story continues with lots of twists and turns, but nonetheless can be considered just what it is–one of allegations and nothing more. There is no reputable backing behind these allegations so they are undeniably questionable. Another interesting part to it is that while in a Chicago Correctional Facility, Matthew attempted to escape by making a 31-foot rope made of bedsheets, a razor, and a clip made to unlock handcuffs. Matthew pleaded guilty to attempted escape. Other than the scandals on his brother’s side, Christopher himself doesn’t really have any.
Regarded as a visionary and incredible director, Nolan is one of the leading directors of our time. I would highly recommend watching his films, especially Momento, Inception, and Interstellar. These films are extremely thought-provoking and give a lasting effect, even after the movie is over.

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