Teacher Feature: Mr. Frusci

by Aneesh Nair & Ciaran Farley

Joseph Frusci is a Computer Science and Government/Economics teacher here at Staten Island Tech. He has taught at Petrides, New Utrecht, and is an adjunct professor at CSI. He is definitely a very well educated person, with two degrees to his name and another one on the way. Frusci leads a pretty interesting life. He enjoys going out, physical activity, and has experience fighting for our country. He is without  a doubt one of the most popular teachers in the school and is currently the 19th best professor on ratemyprofessor.com. It’s not hard to see why many students like him, he is constantly making jokes and engages students with class debates in his social studies classes. We got the opportunity to interview him and see what he is like as a person and get a better insight on his life.

Ciaran Farley & Aneesh Nair: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?
Mr. Frusci: Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of my students.  No matter how significant, my students will look back and remember me.

CF&AN: What was it like serving in Iraq?
F: Very hot!  Although I would have rather been anywhere else, I was serving my nation in a time of war.

CF&AN: How do you manage to balance two jobs and pursuing a doctorate degree?
F: It is very hard at times, but I’ve learned to manage my time in a way that works best for my priorities.  It has had both positive and negative effects on my life, but will pay off once this is all complete.  Since I am now in the dissertation phase of my program, my time constraints have loosened up a bit.

CF&AN: Where did you go to high school and college?
F: I went to Moore Catholic High School, did my BA and MA at American University, and now earning my doctorate at Northeastern University.

CF&AN: How did you get a background in both IT and History?
F: I always wanted to be a history teacher.   I served as an information technology specialist in the army, but was a History major in college.  Once I finished my service, I began to work for Dell Computers and other private companies as a network and server administrator.  I finished my BA and MA in History, as well as a graduate degree in Information Systems Security.   I then became certified to teach both at the secondary education level in New York.

CF&AN: What do you plan to do after you complete your doctorate?
F: I plan to continue my career as a full time teacher at Staten Island Technical High School, as well as an adjunct assistant professor of History for CUNY.

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