Second Presidential Debate

by Justin Bolusi

This year’s presidential election is less than a month away, and although nothing seems certain, there seems to be a constant in this equation: the views of the candidates.  Although there are many viewpoints to take into account, it seems that many are extremely unsatisfied with their choices. Some associate Hillary Clinton with corruption and an untrustworthy character. Some see Trump as dangerous, with his quick temper and noticeable lack of political experience. Although this might lead many to believe that a third-party candidate would take the lead, this is not the case. People, no matter how bad the choices seem, are likely to choose one anyway. While each candidate has support, the support does not originate from enthusiasm toward the candidate. Instead, the supporters simply do not want the opposing candidate to win, as though they are choosing the lesser of two evils.

We often see candidates and their supporters attack each other, but never to the current extent.  This was seen in the second presidential debate, which many undecided voters welcomed themselves to, looking for some reason to support a candidate. However, for some, it only gave more reasons to dislike one more than the other.  On more than one occasion, questions were avoided, or indirectly answered by what could be summed up as “yeah, but they’re worse”.   This is seen in allegations against Trump and his possible sexual assault and mistreatment of women.  when asked about this, one of the things he answered with was the fact that bill Clinton was one of the most abusive presidents in history.  Clinton is seen doing the same thing too.  When asked about her husband attacking Obamacare and her support of it, she seemed all too ready to circumvent the question, by just explaining what Obamacare was again. This isn’t to say each candidate is  entirely a train wreck. There seems to be support from others that are genuinely enthused to choose a candidate, as both offer platforms that some find interesting, supportive, and offer America a better future. Whatever your stance, this election may be one of the most engaging elections this nation has offered in years, and it is sure to change presidential races for years to come.

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