October Bake Sale

by Elizabeth Nikolaeva and Darin Kalev

October’s bake sale was a tremendous success! For those of you who don’t know yet, we have a bake sale each month here at Tech.  The profits made go to the clubs or sports teams that baked for the sale. PTA members volunteer to set up everything that’s donated and they sell during 4th, 5th, and 6th periods to students and faculty. Something as simple as buying a baked treat is a great way to support some of your favorite teams and clubs. The monthly bake sale at Tech is always an event that students look forward to.
This past month, profits went to the girls’ Bowling team and the boys’ Basketball team. Held just before Halloween, team members baked many items that were Halloween-themed. There was a wide variety of items available to choose from, ranging from homemade cupcakes to delicious chocolate-dipped cookies. The bake sale coordinators jokingly compared the students to “little ones with wide eyes choosing a treat, be it a cupcake or brownie–such a major decision!” In addition to the classic bake sale items, pizza is ordered for the students, which helps boost profits. Being one of the most popular parts of the bake sale, pizza is always sold out before the end of the period. In fact, this month the bake sale managed to sell 17 pizza pies per period!
During the bake sale, the PTA donates their time by helping to sell the treats to the hundreds of students waiting in line. When Peggy Candrilli and Allison Marino (bake sale coordinators) were asked about their experiences working on the bake sales, they said that it is “great to be welcomed into [their] children’s high school as a PTA parent” and referred to the bake sales as “a chance to assist our school to meet its goals and to socialize with other parents.”
As usual, the PTA deserves a big thank you for all that they did for this event, which the coordinators accept in the form of selling out goods. Peggy Candrilli and Allison Marino also said that they were “most pleased about the number of exceptional PTA members who have signed up to help at monthly bake sales” (and who we all appreciate dearly for their effort and time). This bake sale would have been impossible without all of their help. Calling the bake sale “sweet” as the baked goods themselves, the coordinators said that the bake sale is “a fun time during a busy day, while generating needed funds.”

And to end with a kind message from the coordinators themselves: “We look forward to seeing everyone at November’s bake sale!”

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