Fantasy Football With Tom and J (Week 10)

by Thomas Russo and Jason Li

**Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the NFL in any way and this article simply contains the opinions of select students.

Week 10:

Start ‘em, Sit ‘em

Top 3 QBs to Start

Aaron Rodgers vs. Titans:  Ladies and gentleman, RELAX.  Just because the Packer are .500 and their offense has not been 100%, it does not mean Aaron Rodgers won’t get you points.  Despite recent struggles, Rodgers has still scored at least 23 points the last 3 weeks.  The Titans defense is improved, but you should still start Rodgers with confidence.

Marcus Mariota vs. Packers:  Rodgers’ opponent should also be up to the challenge of going toe to toe with him.  Marcus Mariota has been on fire in recent weeks, scoring at least 25 point in 3 of the last 5 weeks.  His rushing ability will also always provide a bonus, as he has rushed for two TDs during that span.

Carson Palmer vs. 49ers:  Carson Palmer looks ready to return this week, and he has a dream matchup.  The 1-7 49ers have been unable to stop anyone on defense this season, and now one of the elite offenses welcome them to the desert.  Get ready for a show this week from Palmer in Glendale.

Top 3 QBs to Sit

Kirk Cousins vs. Vikings:  Kirk Cousins was heating up prior to the bye week, with games of 21 and 24 points in weeks 7 and 8.  However, the first six weeks of the season he failed to reach 20 points once.  Now he faces a Viking defense that looks like one of the best in the league, allowing less than 13 points a game to opposing QBs.  Look for a better streaming option that Cousins this week.

Ryan Tannehill vs. Chargers:  Since the emergence of Jay Ajayi, the Dolphins passing attack has become non-existent.  Tannehill hasn’t thrown for 300 yards since Week 3, and he has thrown a TOTAL of 3 TDs since week 3.  Now, he gets a cross-country trip to San Diego, with the league’s hottest running back likely leading the offense again.  Leave Tannehill on the bench, or the waiver wire.

Blake Bortles vs. Texans:  When you think of boom or bust QBs, Blake Bortles leads the way.  One day you’ll get 30 points from him, next week you will get 10.  The Jaguars started the season as a popular sleeper pick for the playoffs, and what was one of the best offenses last year has been a massive disappointment this year.  Now, the division rival Texans come to town, which is bad news for Bortles.  In his career against Houston, Bortles has never posted a 20 point fantasy outing.  Do you really want to play with fire again against a team allowing 13 points a game to opposing QBs?

Top 3 RBs to Start

David Johnson vs. 49ers: Perhaps the best RB in the league, most people think that it is ZEKE. But they fail to realize that Johnson has a weak O line while ZEKE has the best O line there is. He averages 120 yards and 1-2 TDs. I predict he will get 150+ yards and at least 1 TD making him a very obvious start.

Jay Ajayi vs. Chargers: No one saw Jay Ajayi coming. He has been constantly putting up a minimum of 150 yards and at least one TD. Againsts Chargers run defense, he is going to have the best game of his life. To put in perspective, he’s so good he put Arian Foster into retirement.

Devontae Booker vs. Saints: Ever since CJ Anderson got injured two weeks ago. Booker has been a top waiver pick up. Although he did not have great first game against Oakland. We have to realize that Saints run defense is not as good as Oakland’s. I think Booker will have the explosive week we all predicted for him.

Top 3 RBs to Sit

Jonathan Stewart vs. Chiefs: Jonathan Stewart is the starting RB for the Carolina Panthers, which is nothing like last years team. The Panther’s offense this year will be unable to defeat the Chiefs elite defense. In my opinion Stewart is not that great.

DeMarco Murray vs. Packers: Murray will get minimal snaps, it is very hard to run on the Packers but it is quite easy to pass on them. So i think Murray will get at most 50 yards and Mariota will have a field day.

Todd Gurley vs. Jets: Jets have statistically the best run defense currently in the league. Todd Gurley is not Jay Ajayi and Jay could only get 100 yards. So i expect the Rams to plan to throw against the Jets and abandon the run game to 10 snaps or so.

Top 3 WRs to Start

Demaryius Thomas vs. Saints:  The Bronco passing game is sadly becoming matchup based, as the inconsistencies of Trevor Siemian have detracted from the performance of all the Bronco receivers.  However, if there was ever a day where the matchup warranted starting Thomas, it is this week, when he faces the abysmal Saints pass defense.  With the Saints giving up 23 points a game to opposing WRs, Thomas should play remarkably well.

Mike Evans vs. Bears: Mike Evans beasted it on the Falcons before getting concussed. He received 11 targets for 150 yards and two TDs against the falcons. Mike Evans is a monster and he is going to eat up the weaker Bears defense.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. 49ers: Larry Fitzgerald can block, catch, and eat. He averages 75 receiving yards a game and against the weak 49ers secondary i think he will explode. He is fast has good hands and the 49ers don’t have a corner who can stop him. I think he will have at least 10 targets.

Top 3 WRs to Sit

Brandin Cooks vs. Broncos:  Brandin Cooks has emerged as perhaps the most TD dependent WR in fantasy, with only 2 100 yard receiving games on the year.  Now he faces the vaunted Denver secondary, who, with or without Aqib Talib, have shut down opposing WRs, holding them to 11 fantasy points a week.  This is not the week to roll the dice with Cooks.

DeSean Jackson vs. Vikings:  If anyone can contend with Cooks for most TD dependent WR, it would be D Jax.  Jackson has only crossed the 50 yard Mark 3 times this year, and has only posted double digits twice with all of 1 TD on the year.  Next up is a date with emerging shutdown corner Xavier Rhodes, who has handled the likes of Odell Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins.  Leave Jackson on your bench this week.

Brian Quick vs. Jets:  Since Brian Quick’s 2 TD explosion in Week 4, he has been one of the hotter waiver adds this season.  However, he has come back down to Earth, not posting a TD or double digit fantasy points since.  While a matchup with the Jets may look good on paper, Case Keenum is not exactly a stud QB, and Darrelle Revis is still Darrelle Revis.  Do yourself a favor: Don’t start Quick.

Top TE to Start

Antonio Gates vs. Dolphins: ANTONIO GATES IS A BEAST. No one predicted him to do good. But since week 5 he has gotten 3 TDs and his last performance was spectacular. 1 TD and 75 yards was unprecedented stats this season for the veteran tight end. The dolphins defense will get exposed by Gates.

Top TE to Sit

Martellus Bennett vs. Seahawks: Bennett has been such a disappointment since week 6. Bennett went from getting 3 TDs a game, to if you are lucky  50 yards. Although he is on a great offense and they scheme well against teams. He will be used as a blocking Tight end and Gronk will get all the Fantasy points.

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