Interview with Tech Crew Co-Director Nathan Molinari

by Joseph Insalaco

Working alongside Nathan in Tech Crew has been a pleasure (as he is a wonderful person, for those of you who haven’t met him) and interviewing him was no different. He is the youngest co-director but is no stranger to the theater saying, “I’ve been co-director for about two months now…before I even got to this school I did tech theater for three years.” Nathan considers Tech Crew is one of the biggest parts of his life because “[he thinks] that [he has] made closer friends in Tech Crew and Studio Crew than [he has] anywhere else.”

Even though Nathan is in charge of Tech Crew, the co-director plays favorites. As a Tech Crew member, I wasn’t completely shocked to hear that he enjoys sound the most. He says, “I like sound the most because it’s probably one of the most intricate parts–once you get down to it, you can really feel a person’s voice after you’ve been doing it for a while. You really understand a voice.” Nathan is one of the most experienced members of Tech Crew, working in theater tech since the sixth grade and he continues to excel at it.

Even though I have been in Tech Crew for four years, I was interested to get a look into the perspective of someone who has to help put a show as big as SING together as a director. Nathan had worked tirelessly since the beginning of August to organize what would become a tech theater masterpiece. “In terms of the actual performance, we get into the auditorium 3 weeks, 4 weeks before the day of the show. So really it’s 4 weeks of mechanical stuff and 3 weeks of organizational stuff.” He admits that putting together the show was fairly stressful, even though SING season is one of his favorite times of the year. Between communicating with directors and balancing schoolwork, it became fairly overwhelming. However, the show slowly came together and they both came out truly amazing. “…Everything kind of piled on top of each other, plus schoolwork. But once we got to the week before ‘hell week’ [the name given to the week of the show], everything started going smoothly. Everything really came together in the last week and SING grew…both shows were really fantastic.”

While Tech Crew is supposed to remain neutral, I was able to squeeze out little information on what show he thought was the best. Unfortunately for us, he remained fairly true to his word, and would only tell me his favorite group to work with saying, “Well I’m supposed to remain impartial, but JFV got all their stuff in very early and followed all of my formats…so I would have to say JFV, but both shows did fantastic.”

Although he has lots of love for Sing, he holds just as much for Spring Musical–another fantastic performance put on by the students. Nathan says, “Spring Musical is great because it feels much more like a Broadway production because the talent in this school is unbelievable. It’s crazy what you can get out of some of the students here.” Another favorite show of his is the multicultural show. Nathan says, “It’s fantastic! They dance, there’s food, they sing. It’s great.”

Nathan’s passion for Tech Crew is among the greatest. I had asked him what he disliked about his job, and yet he was unable to answer. “It’s electric. As soon as those lights go down, the air gets supercharged. As soon as I pull everyone into the hallway, everything fits together. Even when something goes wrong, everyone is together. It’s something you wouldn’t find in other places and something you wouldn’t see. [Working in Tech Crew] is something I don’t think I can say I dislike anything about.”

Outside of Tech Crew, Nathan is a member of Venture Crew. For those unfamiliar with it, he describes it as “kind of like Boy Scouts but there’s less adult involvement and we do more intense stuff.” Nathan is also a leader outside of Tech Crew. He is currently the vice president of his local Venture Crew. He describes it as “a dynamic on both ends”, saying that he applies the skills he learns in Venture and Tech Crew to further his skills and leadership in both. When asked if it was hard to balance both Crews, he said that although sometimes it is hard to balance both, he finds it very rewarding. This summer he plans to take a trip and hike the Appalachian Trail for a week–something that very few people can say they had ever done! Inside and outside of Tech Crew, Nathan is truly a phenomenal person with a busy schedule and high-set goals.

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