Interview with Aria Mutkoski

by Jason Li


I interviewed Aria Mutkoski. She is very involved in our school. She is the Student Organization President and a prominent member of our Liberal Arts and Theatre community. She is a good representation of the Staten Island Tech community because of her involvement.

1. What made you run for SO?
When I was in middle school, I always thought it’d be cool to be president. Honestly. It was the power factor that drew me in LOL. But then I learned about all the responsibilities that being in student government had and I really felt I was up for the challenge. I like talking to people and getting things done!!
2. Who in SO did you look up to as an underclassmen?
From afar, I looked up to Greg Tam. When he emceed the Tech Rally, I made that my goal. I told myself that I one day wanted to be S.O President solely so I could emcee the Tech Rally LMAO. I just thought that was so cool for some reason. I was really close with Danielle Pucciarelli. She’s someone that’s so selfless and always put others and S.O before herself. She was so dedicated to S.O and I always wanted to have that same dedication she had. She also has a really distinct personality that I love.
3. What is SO about? Like not by definition, more so what is it to you, what does SO mean to you?
To me, S.O is about teamwork. There are so many moving pieces and times when we rely on each other. We also spend so much time together during lunch, after school, and at events that you’re literally forced to become friends with everyone. S.O is about working together to get stuff done and having fun in the process. I like to call us the Party Planning Committee.
4. How do you manage your time being involved in events such as SING and also SO?
Magic, honestly. I guess it’s all about prioritising. You have to know what’s most important at each time and work with others to compensate
5. How does it make you feel to be the face of the student body?
I always joke that I’m the least typical Tech student ever. I’m not that studious; I love the liberal arts; I’m a huge theatre kid; I even have this crazy hair. So sometimes I feel like I’m really a poor representation of a Tech student. But at the end of the day, I do bleed black and gold and want the best for all my peers-not just the sliver of theatre kids.
6. How do you feel about all the parents knowing who you are and depending on you to relay information during events?
I enjoy it. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about Tech in my four years in S.O so I have confidence in my abilities. Or I at least know who to send them to for them to get an answer to their questions!
7. How do you handle the responsibility of being in charge of events?
It’s all about being organised. You need to have complete understanding of what’s going on, what the game plan is, where everyone is stationed, etc. I also trust my peers with the world. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by insanely talented leaders that make my job so much easier.
8. What advice would you leave for your successor?
PLAN AHEAD!! Take notes throughout the year on each event, what happened, what went wrong. My notes are guiding me through everything. Take good ones!! And I’m definitely more of a no-tolerance-for-nonsense type of person, but I think you should strive to find the balance between crazy strict and crazy fun. Let loose more than I do.
9. How do you overcome adversity when you can’t do it alone?
I go to therapy LOL. No shame. My counsellor is the best. There are also a couple important people that help me through the tough times…Mr T is seriously my best friend, and I go to him for everything. I also rely on my boyfriend; he keeps me happy and reminds me that I’m not crazy. I also always ask Ben Sorkin for advice, since he’s been through it all already. It’s really important to find one person you can really open up to. And it’s also important to admit that you don’t know everything. You’re totally allowed to ask other people what to do. At the end of the day, you just fake it til ya make it!!
10. Do you plan on pursuing something similar to SO I the future?
Probably not. Maybe I’ll do student government in college, time permitting. I do really enjoy leading people and being in front of crowds. There’s truly nothing that can ever replace the S.O here at Tech, though.

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