MSIT Girls’ Volleyball Senior Night: Interview with Allison Yu

by Christian Bonavita

On November 1, the MSIT Girls’ Varsity Volleyball season ended with a 25-6, 25-11 win over Curtis High School.  The game was a heavily one-sided, 40-minute long affair, and MSIT seniors Julia Radzio, Stella Chung, and Allison Yu shone.  The girls finished the season with 12 wins and 2 losses, and now they look forward to the playoffs, where they will face tough competition from the best high school volleyball teams in the city.  I caught up with MSIT team captain Allison Yu to talk about her beginnings in volleyball, the day’s win, and how the team feels about the playoffs.

What do you think was the greatest factor in today’s win?

It was a team effort. We really know how to play for each other when it comes down to it. Tonight was a special night because it was Senior Night, and I think everyone played their hardest for us.

How do you feel going into the playoffs?

It’ll be tough to face other home crowds, but as long as we keep the MSIT spirit, I know we’ll do well.

Does a win like this help propel you into the playoffs with confidence?

Yes, it definitely gives us confidence, although I know that the teams we will be going against are very strong, hopefully with this win, we gain some momentum.

When did you start playing volleyball? What interested you?

I was first introduced to volleyball in gym in middle school, and I figured, “I’m not bad at this.” So I decided to try out for the girls’ volleyball at team for Tech, not expecting to make it onto the varsity team as a freshman. But to my surprise, I did.

Did you expect you’d become team captain when you joined the team?

Not at all, as a freshman, you don’t think about that kind of thing. I definitely wanted to be captain one day, but I didn’t have any organized experience.

Has the team improved over the last four years?

Yes, last year, my junior year, was the peak for this program. We made it to the city semi-finals and that is the furthest the girls’ varsity volleyball team has ever gotten. I was really proud to be apart of that.

What is your best memory on the team?

When I scored the winning point in a close game against Wagner High School last year to keep our undefeated record. Wagner has always been our biggest competition on the island. It was a really tight score and I served an ace to win the game.

Do you expect to continue playing volleyball in college?

I hope to play recreationally, but I won’t be playing for the school on varsity like I have did here. I’m planning to focus more on my academics.

Any shout-outs?

Shout out to my family for constantly putting up for my crazy volleyball schedule and supporting me in everything I do, and I want to thank my coach, Coach Mahon, for pushing me to be the best player I could be.

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