Tech Science Times Interview

by Timothy Ma

As you may know, our school has many fantastic clubs. One of these clubs is the Tech Science Times Club. If you do not know what this club is about, you can see for yourself on Thursdays after 9th period in the library, and you can also continue reading on to know more. They also have their own section in the Tech Times website, you can check out what they have there (it’s in the tags section).

So what is Tech Science Times Club, and what goes on during club meets? Let’s ask president Kevin Mao to find out.

Me: What is Tech Science Times?

Kevin: The Tech Science Times is a journalism club that seeks to improve scientific awareness and appreciation through advanced but understandable scientific articles. Club members are able to have their own articles published on the Tech Science Times website after a review process.

Me: Why did you create this club?

Kevin: I created this club to tackle a lack of scientific appreciation. I have always loved science, particularly biology, because of its ability to explain life’s mysteries. I enjoy learning about the complex designs, like the body systems, that make life possible. I quickly realized that many other students did not have the same passion. Many were intimidated by science’s dense textbooks and journals; it was just not enjoyable to learn about science. I hope to improve this situation by publishing understandable scientific articles that grab the reader’s attention.

Me: What goes on during a typical club meeting?

Kevin: During a typical meeting, we have a brief group discussion followed by individual writing sessions. The discussions are mostly just to get an update from everyone, but occasionally we ask one of the students to present on a topic of interest. During writing sessions, students can work on their articles at their own pace. At the same time, the review committee, which is comprised of a few of the club’s officers, convenes and reviews the articles that members want to publish. We give constructive criticism to help members improve their writing.

Me: Is there any connection between Tech Science Times and SERP?

Kevin: There is a large connection between Tech Science Times and SERP. Stacey (the other club president) and I are both SERPies, and our adviser Ms. Cavaliere is the Sophomore SERP teacher, so obviously we get a lot of SERP kids who want to join. Additionally, SERP students are extraordinarily passionate about science and are the most likely to join a science-based club. We give up so much of our free time to go to a lab two hours away, to conduct data analysis for hours, and to write 20-page research papers. We wouldn’t bother with these projects if we didn’t love science. We also have the most experience with technical writing. SERPies are constantly working on our next research paper, and over the years we have developed skills we hope to pass on to others.

Me: What are the goals that you expect the club to achieve in the future?

Kevin: Our goal is to publish one article a month. Our long term goal is to increase readership of the articles we post.

Me: What do you think of the future of the club? Will it be around for years to come?

Kevin: Club will live as long as there are sophomore or juniors who love science and are willing to take the initiative to spread their love. These are hard to come by, even in a technical high school, but I am optimistic. SERP is a major source of membership for this club, so in a way, the club can survive as long as SERP is still around.

Me: Are you currently working on an article?

Kevin: I am not currently working on an article because of college apps and research competitions! During club meetings, I mostly focus on helping others write.

Most of the current members are actually quite active in the club, and most of them are waiting for their own articles to be published. Let’s see what one member, Ahamed Arif, has to say about his current article and the club. Two of his articles are currently in the process of being published.

Me: What is your current article about?

Ahamed: The article I am writing right now is about solar energy and how it’s environmentally friendly.

Me: How did you come up with this idea for an article?

Ahamed: I came up with this idea from last year, since I was in AP Environmental Science. I learned how humans destroy the environment. And scientists are trying to improve the environment through different forms of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and geothermal. I am writing about solar energy because I want people to understand how renewable energy could be beneficial to us and the environment.

Me: So renewable energy must be really important then?

Ahamed: Yes, it is really good. It doesn’t affect the environment as much as fossil fuels like oil. Also, oil spills can occur, which can have many hazardous effects on marine animals.

Me: That sounds really bad. Do you find this topic interesting?

Ahamed: I find it very interesting. Since AP Environmental, I actually started to appreciate the environment more. After learning about renewable energy, I want other people to know so we can make the environment better.

Me: Lastly, what do you think about Tech Science Times?

Ahamed: I really like Tech Science Times and how it’s linked to the school (online) newspaper, so I can get my point across to other people in a convenient way. As Techies, we always look at the school newspaper, and if I put an article about renewable energy, they may actually appreciate renewable energy.

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