Desi Club Interview

by Vicki Wong

What made you want to join Desi Club?

Thayanie: Ever since I was 8, every week, every Sunday, I would take these Sri Lankan traditional dance classes where I would learn Bharatanatyam style dances. I wanted to take what I’ve been learning all these years and share it with all these people and I thought Desi Club was the perfect way to do so.

How does it feel to be the president of the club?

Thayanie: Being president of this club in particular makes me feel proud because I get to be a leader in an activity that I love so much. The leadership I’ve learned from this club is unlike any other experience I’ve ever had because for the first time I’ve gotten to teach something that wasn’t math or science to others.

How would you describe your experiences in Desi Club?

Thayanie: I would say that it’s really different because I’ve been able to bring my culture to the school which I’ve never been able to do before.

How would you describe being a part of the Multicultural Show?

Thayanie: Being part of the multicultural show has made me feel like I am a part of this diverse, creative group at Tech. I’ve gotten the opportunity  to see the dances and customs of other cultures and they’ve gotten the opportunity to see mine.

What do you feel is the most interesting part about Desi Club?

Thayanie: The most interesting part of Desi Club is the diverse people that join and are eager to learn the dances. Not just that they have different ethnicities but their personalities and characteristics bring more to the table, making this experience more fun and enjoyable.

What did you learn from being in this club?

Nusrat: Leadership, how to be more responsible, time management, and the fact that different people can come together to make this happen.

How do you balance your club activities with your schoolwork?

Nusrat: Because multicultural is during the winter season, it’s hard to balance making dances and maintaining school but we choreograph dances together as a team very well.

Do you get along easily with everyone in the club?

Nusrat:  Everyone’s like a big family and you need unison to perform dances like this because everyone has to keep an upbeat rhythm.

What do you do in Desi Club?

Nusrat: Our main goal of the club is to diffuse the South Asian culture of the students of Staten Island Tech. We teach dances and perform at multicultural.

What will you take with you after you leave?

Nusrat: The memories and the sense of unity created amongst the community we brought together as well as the family we created.


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