Interview With Priscilla Wah

by Destiny Wong

Destiny Wong: Would you say that music is a staple in your life?

Priscilla Wah: Yes. I listen to it all the time: while I’m studying, doing homework, or just relaxing.

DW: What sparked your interest in “old” music?

PW: My dad always played old music in the car on drives, whether short or long, so you could definitely say that he was a major influencer in my taste in music. I’d fall asleep on long drives with the music playing and kind of grew on me throughout the years. I used to go to school in Manhattan for both middle and elementary, so on those daily, 2 hour drives, my dad was blasting old music on the car stereo. I really loved those days because when we would listen to “old” music, my dad would reminisce and tell me stories about when he was young. Listening to “old” music was just a great way for us to connect.

DW: What other music do you listen to?

PW: I listen to modern pop when I’m  not listening to old music. It’s not that I don’t like modern day music through, it’s just that at different times, I prefer different music. It just so happens that most of the time, I prefer older music.

DW: Let’s define what era “old” is a part of!

PW: Yes! “Old”, to me, definitely refers to the 80s. I listen to some music from the 60s through.

DW: Do you recall a specific moment when you realized that this type of music was for you?

PW: Not really. It’d kind of been a staple throughout my entire life.

DW: What is your favorite way to listen to music?

PW: I just love Spotify. It’s so convenient. But sometimes, when I’m at home I listen to music on my record player. I’ve been collecting vinyl records for a while. I recently went to this record store that only sold vinyls of “old” music, and I was the happiest person ever.

DW: What makes this type of music different than say today’s pop music?

PW: There are so many different types of music: EDM, rap, hip-hop, and they’re all fast paced. Everything is already moving so fast, like why would you want your music to too? When you want peace and quiet, old music is definitely the way to go. It de-stresses me.

DW: Who got you the record player?

PW: My sister got it for me for my 16th birthday. She basically got it for me because I kept saying “Ugh, I want a record player so bad!”

DW: What is your favorite thing about “old” music?

PW: It makes me feel calm.

DW: Who are some of your favorite artists? Why?

PW: Air Supply, The Carpenters, Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, and I love Frank Sinatra (one of the “not 80s” exceptions).

DW: Is there a particular person that you feel influenced your taste in music?

PW: Like I said before, I definitely think my dad influenced the way I listen to music.

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