SNL Christmas Show

by Ali Libertella

The Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live aired this past Saturday, with host Casey Affleck and musical guest Chance the Rapper. In my opinion, this was one of the best episodes of the season.

Casey Affleck wasn’t much of a host. The monologue dragged on for an eternity, and none of it was remotely funny. But some key sketches made up for it. The Dunkin Donuts parody sketch was ingenious, hysterical, and scarily accurate. This parodied the usual customers found at Dunkin Donuts. The Christmas rap “Jingle Barack” was also a hit, a song about this year being our last Christmas with president Obama. The cold open, as usual, was of Donald Trump, this time with a special appearance of Vladimir Putin (by hilarious Beck Bennet) and John Goodman as Rex Tillerson.  Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton in a parody of the movie Love Actually. This skit was powerful, even though Kate did not utter one word. McKinnon also brought back her wildly popular character Ms. Rafferty, recounting an encounter with the Christmas spirit, that didn’t quite match up to her other friends’. Being the third time using Ms. Rafferty, it was funny, but this time did not live up to the other two previous sketches.

Overall, this episode of SNL was one for the books. Casey Affleck was a good addition to most sketches, but did not contribute anything as host. Chance the Rapper put on two amazing performances that tied the Christmas show together beautifully.  

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