Interview with Timmy Ma

by Raymond Zhang

For many seniors, the first half of the year signifies college application season. It is a time of stress for many students as they attempt to write perfect essays and present themselves as the perfect candidate for colleges. As many know, the college application is split into three general deadlines. These three deadlines are early decision, early action, and regular decision (there are more specific deadlines, but these are the overall three). Out of the three, early decision is perhaps one of the most stressful since it binds you to a specific college if you get in. However, for a couple of senior, the early decision has provided them with an opportunity to attend one of their top choice colleges.

One of these seniors is Timothy Ma, called “Timmy” by most of his peers. Timmy applied to the College of Engineering at Cornell University with the early decision deadline, and he was one of the fortunate few to have been accepted. I decided to interview him to find out more about his experience. Timmy was a man of little words, and he went straight to the point with his answers.


Raymond Zhang: Can you describe how the college application process was for you?

Timothy Ma: The college application process was very long, boring, and very stressful. You have to fill out a lot on the Common App, and it is boring because you have to write so many essays. There comes a time when you don’t want to write essays anymore. It’s stressful because you hope that you can get into your dream school.


RZ: What aspect of Cornell drew you into applying?

TM: It had the major that I wanted, and it is one of the colleges with the best food. However, the one thing that I don’t like is how cold it is up there.


RZ: Early decisioning a school must be a huge decision. Why did you decide to make such a decision?

TM: I just felt like it.


RZ: How did you feel when you found out that you got in?

TM: I mean, most people get very excited, and they might even cry of happiness. I was just like “Cool, I got in.”


RZ: What do you intend to major in Cornell?

TM: I intend to major in chemical engineering because I took AP Chem in junior year, and I found it very interesting, and this year I am taking AP Physics.


RZ: Are you excited for leaving home and living on campus?

TM: Yes. I finally get to have a skateboard now, and I’ll get to ride it around campus


RZ: What part of campus life do you plan to take part in?

TM: I am excited for the swimming course. There is a mandatory swimming test, and you have to take swimming courses if you fail it. I plan to pass it, but I still want to take swimming courses.


RZ: Getting into college signifies the beginning of the senior experience. What do you intend to accomplish in your last year at Tech?

TM: I’m going to get a crown in Mr.Olsen’s class*. I plan to get 5’s in my AP exams. Don’t expect me to get senioritis.


*If you get the highest grade in one of Mr.Olsen’s test, you get to wear a crown during the next test.


RZ:What advice would you give to underclassmen on applying to college?

TM: Just write your essays and you should be fine. Get some people to edit it. Once you submit it, don’t stress over it.


RZ: How has your senior year been so far?

TM: Pretty good. I got really good teachers is year.

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