SNL 2/11 Review

A review of Saturday Night Live–an episode hosted by Alec Baldwin , who has hosted for 17 times now! His experience and humor made the episode (2/11) extremely exciting for viewers.

This weekend, Alec Baldwin hosted Saturday Night Live for the 17th time. It felt extremely different from the episodes with other hosts, not only because Baldwin has hosted so many times, but because he is frequently playing Trump anyway, and feels like a regular cast member. This week, the show opened not with Trump but with Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, for the second week in a row. The skit was similar, yet fresh and equally as hilarious. Sean’s liftable podium was now movable, driving into the reporters he so disliked, whilst insulting them. I prefer this new face to the exhaustion of Alec’s Trump impression as every cold opening.

His monologue did not include any Trump impressions, either. I was surprised at the absence of his orange skin and feathery wig. The sketches were great, though. My personal favorite was the skit about advertisers offering their ideas for the new Cheetos campaign. This was in reference to all of the politically charged Superbowl commercials.  Tracy Morgan also made a guest appearance. He played, along with Keenan Thompson, one of Beyonce’s twins in the womb. He definitely made the skit.

Trump eventually did appear in the show, of course. This time in an episode of People’s Court. My favorite character, Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennet) also joined him. This skit felt less funny and a bit too real. There was another Kellyann Conway centered skit, and Kate McKinnon never fails to make her character hilarious.

Ed Sheeran performed two of his great new singles on the show. This was a pretty good episode for the season, but I can see the Trump character losing steam, as it is being used to much.  

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