Nintendo Switch

By: Cyan Williams

This year Nintendo launched their newest gaming console. This console is called “The Nintendo Switch” and is a successor to the previous two Wii consoles, the Wii and the WiiU. Each console brought about new ways to game, something Nintendo is heavily known for, especially setting examples and being a model for other companies. The Wii did this by introducing the mechanic of the Wii remote. This remote allowed for a more hands on experience for the player and brought on new ways for games to be play such as sport and party games. Next came the WiiU which functioned not only as a main console, but allowed games to work on a sort of handheld mini device. Nintendo has always worked hard at making new innovations and the Switch does not disappoint.

 The Switch is a hybrid console, meaning it can be played on a TV at home or on the go as a handheld. The Joy-Con controllers make the Switch a veritable Transformer. If they are kept attached to the sides in tablet mode, they can slide them off and prop up the screen on a table to play one- or two-player games, or dock in its included charging cradle to play on the big-screen TV. The idea is that you’ll get the same experience regardless of how you play which opens the system up to brand new possibilities. The console even promises future possibility of virtual reality which is a very new form of technology for this time period.

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