The Jubilee Project was started by 3 guys in response to the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. This led them to make a video to raise donations for relief. The Jubilee Project’s slogan, “Help a Cause, Make a Video, Spread Some Love”, began with the video “My Hundred for Haiti.” The video featured Jason Y. Lee playing on his guitar and singing around New York City in an effort to raise $100 to donate to Haiti. Although he only raised around $80, his video led to over $700 in donations from more than 1,400 viewers.

Members of the Jubilee Project Club in 2016.

This positive result has led them to continue this campaign, where they make videos to “empower, enable, and inspire others to do good.” This project has grown over the years, and led to the formation of a Jubilee Project Club here at Staten Island Tech.

Presidents Fion Lin and Rachel Kim have weekly meetings on Tuesdays in room 317, where they discuss video ideas, production, and more. They have continued the legacy of Jubilee at Tech for 5 years since its foundation in 2012 by Diana Wong, Tiana Wong, and Anna Lin. With the hope that Jubilee can stay at Tech for many years to come and expand to more students for greater diversity, the students are given the freedom to come up with and execute their own film projects. The Audio & Video Engineering course that freshmen take gives the students the skills needed to create such projects.

The great community between the members at Jubilee creates a fun atmosphere where students share laughs and come together to create videos to move and inspire viewers to take action against societal problems. The main themes of past projects include mental health awareness and friendship. You can view the videos they have made on their YouTube channel hereThere are currently 39 uploaded videos, with titles ranging from “What does your mom mean to you?” to “What keeps you moving in life?” While some of the videos are more serious and inspirational, others are lighthearted and fun. This balance is a great example of the diversity of the students in Jubilee. Overall, the channel has sustained more than 29,000 views since its creation on March 11, 2012.

The media platform allows students’ work to be shared and the impact – no matter how big or small – motivates the members to create more. The sharing of videos between members allows them to show appreciation for each other’s work and continue to spread positivity, because doing good is contagious! #DGIC

Visit www.jubileemedia.com for more information.

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