Oh Snap! SI Tech’s Gingerbread Decorating Contest

This past Wednesday, December 13, Staten Island Tech conducted its second annual Gingerbread House Making Contest. Twenty teams went head to head for 90 minutes and competed to construct the best house. This event not only brought a sense of holiday spirit to the school, but also was a time for students to kick back and spend time with their friends.

It kicked off immediately after ninth period. Room 244 became overfilled with people, and by 3:01PM, the competition had officially begun. People eagerly began assembling the foundation of their houses. Mr. Terrusa, the event coordinator, was very pleased with the turnout and success of the contest. He described it as something that started last year because, “…the S.O. wanted to have more holiday involvement and activities. It was something that this students overwhelmingly wanted to continue this year.” The success was unbelievably amazing.

Participants Michelle Wang, Tappy Lung, Jacquelyn Chin, and Michael Albdewi pose with their gingerbread house.

“It’s a fun time. It’s a fun day. Students really get into it and that’s the most important thing.” Mr. Terrusa stated.

The students seemed to really enjoy the event. Jacquelyn Chin, a sophomore participant, shared her experience. “The frosting wouldn’t make the gingerbread stay in place and the walls caved in a lot. But we got to eat M&Ms and make a mess out of the frosting. It was a lot of fun.”

Tappy Lung, another sophomore participant, described her experience as well, “I had a lot of fun attempting to build a gingerbread house. I had a whole plan, but

Contest winners Amanda Chin, Mark Rekutin, and Sydney Schmidt pose with their gingerbread house

 it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to and I got more frosting on myself than I wanted to. But, I still had a lot of fun.”


Everyone started out with the same kits, but by the end of the competition, creativity truly flowed and the outcomes were all unique and different. Some houses 

became teepees or pyramids. There was even one that resembled a poptart! Wesley Fong called his creation “a masterpiece”: “It’s a true piece of art.”

Voting took place the following day, December 14, during the lunch periods. By the end of the day, the winner was determined. In 


first place came a team of juniors: Amanda Chin, Mark Rekutin, and Sydney Schmidt. In second place was the sophomore team of Fatima Gonzalez, Salma Torky, Rianna Pineda, and Trisha Vinay. In third place came juniors Taylor Teusch and David Abramson. Win or lose, the gingerbread making contest was ultimately an enjoyable time for all!

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