SITHS Science Olympiad Team Sets New Record!

On Feb. 8th, 2018, Staten Island Technical HS’s Science Olympiad Team headed to New York City Regionals competition hosted at Grover Cleveland HS in Queens, NY.

The team spent 2 months after Invitationals at Islip High School preparing for this very moment. Bringing three teams that encompassed students from every grade, they gave everyone an opportunity to participate in the highly competitive events.

In short, Science Olympiad is a competition with “26 different [events] in different aspects of science where some students study and compete for top score and other events [like] engineering where students have to build in advance [in order to test] at competition”, described by team advisor Ms. Giunta.

The students boarded the bus at 5:30 AM on Saturday, with essentials such as study materials, lunches, and – most importantly – their team shirt and spirit. With an hour-long ride ahead, some students watched the sunrise while others focused on last-minute reviews. The buzz of excitement permeated the air as students passed through the security clearance.

Students prepare for the helicopter event – Picture Credits: Jordan Daugherty

Once in the assigned room, students began immediately reviewing or assembling engineered projects, set to compete within a few hours. The competition lasted until 4 PM, with students occasionally coming back after their assigned events to have pizza and converse with each other. Some conversations included more information about Science Olympiad, college admissions, school work, and others as seniors shared valuable insight and knowledge to the younger students.

At 6 PM, the entire team headed to the auditorium for the awards ceremony with a brief view of the Science Quiz Bowl Round 2 competition occurring between the top 6 teams for that event. Similar to a game show with buzzers, the quick-paced event caught the eye of many students.

Tian Lin, a junior new to Science Olympiad, said that she found that the team was, “an opportunity to meet new people and especially [those] who are passionate about science.” Along with the social experience, she explains that, “to compete and [learn] about engineering and new things [is something people] will not [be able to] experience anywhere else except [from] Science Olympiad!”

Students’ anticipation during the awards ceremony – Photo credits: Jordan Daugherty

At last, after the Science Quiz Bowl, it was time for the announcements of the rankings. This year, Staten Island Technical High School went against 62 teams in the New York Metropolitan area but took home a stunning victory!

Altogether, the 3 teams took home an overwhelming 27 medals and ranked #2 regionally, qualifying them once again for States! This ranking is a significant increase from the previous record within the top 10 range, and the first time in Staten Island Technical HS Science Olympiad history!

Catching up with competitors post-ceremony, senior Thomas Patras offered important advice that he has gained through Science Olympiad: “Preparation is the one main skill that [our] school has over other schools. If a student is really passionate about [their events] and really study for [them] then they will do well regardless of everything else.”

Congratulations to all team members of Science Olympiad! Special thanks to the Science Olympiad team advisors: Mr. Ferrigno, Ms. Giunta, Ms. Toner, Ms. Fertoli, Mr. Henriques, Mr. Colangelo, and Dr. Davis for leading the team to success!

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