SITHS Science Olympiad Team Takes off in ISLIP!

The Staten Island Technical High School Science Olympiad team headed to Islip, Long Island for the annual Invitational competition on December 16th, 2017.

At 6am, the students boarded the school bus in anxious anticipation of the hour long journey ahead of them. Everyone had different ways to prepare for the long day ahead. With the sun hanging low on the horizon, music played on the bus as some members chatted with their friends while others chose the conventional way to relax: a nap.

In the hour long ride, senior Maria Russo shared the reason behind her passion for Science Olympiad: “It’s a hectic, stressful [event] that’s also incredibly fun, like an adrenaline rush!”

The team arrived at 8:00 AM and headed upstairs to their assigned “homeroom,” where the team would be staying for the entire day. Almost immediately, the members began preparing for their events, pulling out binders, papers, and laptops, and reviewing last-minute concepts with their partners before the actual competition.

“It’s a very fast paced environment at Science Olympiad,” explained Karolina Dubovskaya, a medalist in 2 events: “You run off to an event, come back, review as much as possible for your next one, and go back out there again. Sometimes you even have 2 or 3 events one after the other.”

The final event was finished by 3:00 and at 4:00, the students filed nervously into the auditorium of ISLIP High School in preparation for the award ceremony. They were met with a curious sight: a gaggle of Science Olympians dancing to the Cotton Eyed Joe. The ceremony began with a small, impromptu dance party, and when students returned to their seats, spirits were high. The ceremony itself was just as jubilant, as Staten Island Tech competitors were called up again and again to receive medals.

In the end, the Staten Island Technical HS Science Olympiad Team took home an astounding 39 medals from ISLIP, a significant increase from last year’s record of 6 medals.

Honorable mentions include:

  • Astronomy- Timur Ibragimov (‘18)  & Steven Zeldin (‘18) (4th Place)
  • Disease Detective-Steven Wren (‘18) & Sri Yalamanchi (‘18) (3rd Place)
  • Ecology- Merrick Eng (‘18) & Maria Russo (‘18) (4th Place)
  • Experimental Design- Merrick Eng (‘18) & Pamela Stark (‘19) & Terence Tan (‘20) (5th Place)
  • Fermi Questions- Richard Guang (‘18) & Bryan Boyd (‘20) (7th Place)
  • Forensics- Trisha Vinay (‘20) & Karolina Duboskavaya (‘19) (8th Place)
  • Game On- Terence Tan (‘20) & Michael Ruiz (‘19) (6th Place)
  • Herpetology- Jenna Tsvayg (‘19) & Yerim Lee (‘19) (5th Place)
  •                     Clarisa Yee (‘19) & Maria Russo (‘18) (7th Place)
  • Hovercraft- Timur Ibragimov (‘18) & Patrick Pazowski (‘19) (8th Place)
  • Mission Possible- Pamela Stark (‘19) & Terence Tan (‘20) (8th Place)
  •                              Thomas Patras (‘18) & Aiden Lublinsky (‘20) (7th Place)
  • Mousetrap- Terence Tan & Michael Ruiz (6th Place)
  •                   Mel Collela (‘19) & Bryan Boyd (‘20) (4th Place)
  • Optics- Merrick Eng & Steven Zeldin (1st Place)
  • Thermodynamic- Nicole Yatskar (‘20) & Thomas Patras (6th Place)
  • Towers- Pamela Stark & Anne Zats (‘19) (8th Place)
  • Write it Do it- Karolina Duboskavaya & Bryan Boyd (5th Place)
  •                     Jordan Daugherty (‘19) & Merrick Eng (8th Place)

Overall, the team made an outstanding finish by taking 6th place in the Invitational against 43 teams. This was the first time the team had won a trophy at ISLIP, beating out strong competitors and improving their finish from last year by more than 15 places. They hope to use this momentum to bring home the trophy at the regional, and later, at the state competition.

Special thanks to Mr. Callahan and Mrs. Schroeder for partaking in the trip and aiding the team throughout the day. Without them, the trip could not have happened.

Congratulations once again to the Science Olympiad Team for their hard work and dedication!


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