Expand your Scientific Research Skills at Tech!

If you’re the type of student who is interested in learning and writing about the breakthroughs in the world of science and technology, the Science Engineering Research Program (SERP) is right for you! This STEM-centered program aims to make the students of Staten Island Tech better researchers and writers with high-level essay skills.

Students from the program in 2017.

All underclassmen are encouraged to consider taking part in this program because while there isn’t an entrance exam for this rigorous program, dedication is required. Upperclassman can still join if they show that they are interested in research by taking initiative and starting their own research projects.

Throughout the years, SERP will assign you a set of research papers, or “tasks”, to complete with time constraints, which will be strictly graded on how accurately and coherently you present your research finds. Thus, this program will be fit into your schedule as an actual class and counted towards your GPA. However, if you find yourself under too much pressure or cannot cope with the heavy workload, you are allowed to opt out and continue on with your original schedule.

So, why would you join this program in the first place? Are all those long hours of studying and tedious research worth it?

The answer is, yes!

There are many skills that are heavily enforced by SERP that will aid you in the transition into college. Most professors lecture for a majority of class time, but will not fail to assign research papers to complete. The professors do this in order to make you think more critically about the information you’re given and not just fall for invalid claims. Thus, SERP is a great way to build this mindset and to prepare for the workload you’ll face in college. In addition, the fact that you participated in SERP for all four years in your high school career showcases your motivation and willingness to take on challenging courses. You get to do research papers on any topic of your choice, anywhere between biology, medicine, astronomy, engineering, and more.

Despite the hard work and tedious research required for this program, SERP can also be a very enjoyable experience because of the connections you have access to. If you’re having trouble with any of your research, upperclassmen can guide you through the process and help you out. For example, if you join SERP in your freshmen year, the juniors and seniors who have had previous experience with SERP will teach you specifics on how to write a research paper and how to sift through credible sources. The SERP community is just one factor that is desirable about the program. In addition to being a very enjoyable learning experience where are you are able hone necessary professional skills exponentially, SERP is a place to be surrounded by motivated, like-minded, and STEM-oriented leaders of the future.

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