Staten Island Tech Takes On Science Olympiad States

Congratulations to the Staten Island Technical HS Science Olympiad Team on their outstanding top 10 finish at the NY State competition this past weekend and on a great end to a successful season!

Science Olympiad Seniors with SI Tech Banner 

The team that once boasted its infamous slogan “grossly unprepared but succeeding nonetheless” shattered all expectations at the annual state competition at Le Moyne College in Syracuse. Armed with a strategically chosen team and months of hard work and practice, the team set out for the competition on March 9th, hoping for a well-deserved victory at the state level.

The Staten Island Tech Team had performed well at its invitational and regional competitions, taking home a remarkable 2nd place out of 66 in the New York Metro Area. The team had won more than 30 collective medals, including an overwhelming thirteen top 3 medals. Now, competing against some of the top Science Olympiad teams, including SciOly Nationals competitors and victors, Staten Island Technical High School hoped to create a name for itself among the New York State legends of Science Olympiad.

Months of building and testing for engineering events, creating study sheets for testing events, and practicing for labs and procedures culminated in the two-day competition at Syracuse. In the end, the team’s efforts paid off- Staten Island Technical HS achieved 10th place overall out of the 55 top teams in New York State!

Students Steven Zeldin & Merrick Eng with 1st Place in Optics and $3500 Scholarships

8 medals were awarded in total, with scholarships awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners. The team placed 1st in Optics (Steven Zeldin and Merrick Eng), 2nd in Towers (Sarah Kovalev, Pamela Stark, and Aiden Lublinsky) and 2nd in Game On (Terence Tan and Bryan Boyd), winning more than $17000 worth of scholarships to Le Moyne College.

Medals were also awarded for Fermi Questions (6th place, Bryan Boyd and Shane Tsui), Experimental Design (6th place, Pamela Stark, Terence Tan, and Merrick Eng), Ecology (8th place, Maria Russo and Merrick Eng), Mission Possible (7th place, Terence Tan and Pamela Stark), and Mousetrap Vehicle (7th place, Terence Tan and Bryan Boyd).

Aside from the stunning victory, the team exhibited sportsmanship, strong teamwork, and great respect for those who ran and organized the event. The team is especially grateful for their dedicated coaches, (Mr. Ferrigno, Ms. Fertoli, Ms. Giunta, Mr. Henriques, and Ms. Toner), who provided the guidance and support the team needed throughout the season.

As sad as we are to see the slogan go, the Staten Island Tech Team can no longer call itself “grossly unprepared.” This year’s victories have unlocked the opportunity for more growth and achievement at both regional and state levels. And while the end of the season is always bittersweet, the team is confident that next year will bring even more success!

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