SING Preview

Who will prevail? SSV or JFV? Come watch SING this week for a night of entertainment and school spirit!

By James Tonrey | November 14th, 2018

          It’s that time of year again— hundreds of dedicated Tech students will put their talents together this weekend for yet another amazing SING performance! SING is arguably the largest extracurricular activity here at Tech. Each year, two teams of students compete against each other, each one striving to put on the “best” performance. The process is completely student-run— from playwriting to stage design and everything in between. Of course, the production wouldn’t be possible, though, without the unwavering dedication and support of faculty advisors, Ms. Brown (Theater), Mr. Rams (Orchestra), Mr. Ferrigno (Stage Crew), and Mr. Van Buren (Tech Crew). There’s certainly an opportunity for every student to get involved in the show, whether on stage, in the orchestra pit, or behind the scenes with Stage Crew or Tech Crew. This year, the Seniors will be paired up with the Sophomores (SSV), and the Juniors with the Freshmen (JFV).

          The Senior-Sophomore team will be putting on a production of “My Big Fat Greek SING!”. The show takes a unique spin on the Greek gods and goddesses that we all know of by portraying them in the light of elected officials. To follow the journey of the citizens of Clawsonopolis as they rebel against the corrupt rule of the gods, you’re going to have to come see the performance for yourself. But rest assured, you won’t leave disappointed! According to many of the cast members I spoke with, this performance is going to be phenomenal. I asked SSV liaison, Meghna Wagley, why she believes her cast has what it takes to win this year’s SING event. She replied “We all care about and are devoted to SING. Getting to know every single person in the cast allows me to confidently say that this is the most serious, focused, and committed group of SING kids I have ever worked with. I am so proud of each and every one of us and I know that we have all that we need in our disposal to win.”

          The Junior-Freshman team will be performing “iSpy”. Their show follows the story of S.P.I.E.S., a failing spy agency, as new recruits attempt to bring the agency back to prominence with their enthusiasm and talents. Will S.P.I.E.S. ever be able to defeat its   rivals, Charlie and the Angles, though? Come to SING one night this weekend to find out! Cast members have repeatedly convinced me that this show will not be something you want to miss. When I asked JFV liaison, Vincenza Deserio, why she believes her cast has what it takes to ultimately win SING this year, she explained “This performance truly evokes a sense of love and passion for SING, filled with intense and energetic dance numbers, hearty and humorous acting moments and outstanding vocals. Our show comes straight from the heart.”

          SING will begin on Thursday night and the winning team will be decided by judges on Saturday night. Tickets are on sale at for $15 per person. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door each night. Let’s band together to show our amazing students our support by selling out each performance. Months of hard work have been put into making this show a success, and no audience member is likely to leave the performance disappointed. Happy SING!

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