SING Recap: Senior Sophomore Victory!

By James Tonrey and Brandon Marks | November 27th, 2018

          “SSV! JFV!” Cheers turned to silence as the curtains opened, revealing this year’s celebrity guest. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen”, Bob Wolf greeted the audience with a booming voice. The crowd went wild. Within a few moments, the victor of this year’s SING competition would be announced. Hundreds of exhausted Techies could barely contain their excitement.

It had been a long and exhausting couple of days, filled with challenges and surprises. A winter storm hampered turnout on opening night, putting a damper on the spirit that typically surrounds the show. An unprecedented decision by the Department of Education to cancel all after-school activities on Friday completely ignored the notion that “the show must go on”. Although Friday night’s performance was rescheduled for Saturday morning, the challenge wasn’t over yet. The cast and crew would have to put on two performances in one day, a daunting task.

          Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding this year’s SING!, students remained highly motivated and enthusiastic— perhaps even more so than usual. As many were saying, “Well, the show must go on.” The Senior-Sophomore team put on a spectacular performance of “My Big Fat Greek SING!”, which followed the journey of the citizens of Clawsonopolis as they rebelled against a repressive regime of Greek gods and goddesses. Members of the audience pointed to the team’s stunning costumes, gripping plot, and perfect choreography when asked what they enjoyed about the show. The Junior-Freshman team put on an equally amazing performance of “iSpy”, which followed the story of S.P.I.E.S., a failing spy agency, as new recruits worked to bring the agency back to prominence with their enthusiasm and talents. Audience members expressed delightment at the team’s elaborate costumes and the humorous moments that characterized the show.

          We sat down with some students involved in the performance to get a behind-the-scenes look into what went into making this year’s SING as successful as it was, despite all the challenges thrown in its way. Aya Osman, a senior who played Hera in the Senior Sophomore show, commented on the sense of unity that she believes set this year apart from all of the other years she has been involved in SING. “Both teams encouraged each other even though the nature of the competition doesn’t typically foster that type of camaraderie.” This sentiment was echoed by just about everyone else we talked with. Darren Yao, a member of the Tech Crew, helped control stage operations and special effects for all three shows and said he was “most impressed by the sportsmanship exhibited by everyone involved.” This level of respect between teams was epitomized when after the Senior Sophomores were announced victors, the Junior Freshman team began to root for them, cheering “SSV! SSV! SSV!”

          Perhaps the most evident thing about this year’s SING! performance was the burning passion held by all of the students involved. When asked for comment, Meghna Wagley, the Senior-Sophomore Liaison, said “As liaison, I am lucky enough to experience both sides of the show, as a leader and as an ensemble member. Getting to know every single person in the cast allows me to confidently say that this is the most serious, focused, and committed group of SING kids I have ever worked with. I am so proud of each and every one of us.” Junior-Freshman Liaison Vincenza Deserio reflected, “Our performance truly evoked a sense of love and passion for SING, filled with intense and energetic dance numbers, hearty and humorous acting moments, and outstanding vocals. Our show came straight from the heart.”

          While the Senior-Sophomore team ultimately walked away with the trophy Saturday night, everyone involved in SING this year was a winner in some shape or form. In persisting through a few big surprises and surviving the daunting challenge of putting on two shows in one day, this year’s SING participants truly demonstrated the validity of Bob Wolf’s trademark acronym for SING: Song Inspiring Future Generations.

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